Matchmaking is not working

matchmaking is not working if you search by yourself it’s take 12to15 minutes to find a game I’m trying to complete 6000 kills Challenge i don’t think I will complete it

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The last time I tried matchmaking by myself it took 10 minutes and nothing happened so I cancelled and re-tried. Another 10 minutes and all I could think was “Wow, I could have been halfway through a Horde game by now.” Just one of the many reasons I don’t play Versus.

Match making is broken. The “servers” aren’t even technically working for core I don’t think, as I have had "host migration’ a few times the last 2 days over the weekend.

TC doesn’t care about the casual player base.

It leaves the good stuff to be catered to the “pros”

They milk the casuals, and feed the tryhards.

Its an assbackwards system.


No, it’s NOT working.
Had to quit 3 matches in a row, high variable pingers… 25-150, 100-300… Unplayable junk and over the top, matched with BRONZE 1… WTF

Every F Ranked VS ppl are quitting massively mostly due unplayability of lag from crap connection players!!! And you waste time with 2.8.1 tunings… Well LOLz

Now my rank stack it 57% tdm everything is broken severs broken ranking is broken matchmaking is broken i think i should stop playing gears tc destroyed gears