Matchmaking is atrocius!

10 games played, 9 times on US servers with people pinging 200 and more. Seriously, why?? Let me ffs play on EU servers against people that have decent internet.

These are the same problems we already went through in gears 4.

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I literally just posted the same thing… but as someone from US having to play against people not US.

I don’t get it. It really is Gears 4 all over again. It’s like they didn’t care to listen to a single word anyone said about Gears 4.

And I’m sick of people saying to wait. That’s what was said about UE. Just wait, they’ll fix it. They never did. They just released Gears 4. Then everyone said just wait… they’ll fix it. But they never did. They just decided to move to Gears 5. And when the tech test came, I called this. I said it was the same trash. Everyone said just wait… it’s the tech test. Launch will be different.

Well… here we are. SSDD. What are we waiting for now? Maybe Gears 6, right? Maybe Gears 6 TC will finally learn how to make a real video game that isn’t completely busted and DOA.

This is insane. I’ve never seen a company struggle so hard to do something as basic as having people play multiplayer games with other people without there being borders or oceans or entire continents between them…