Matchmaking in horde problem

Currently I can’t/can get in a lobby in horde!
TC if you see this , Please go to this link
And help fix this…(Click here)

unfortunately, but any online mode or campaign does not work properly

Hmmm… other are playing fine tho as I can’t play because I get stuck in the loading screen…

I can’t play any of the modes :smile:
campain- error code SERA
horde-error code CROIX
ranked and arcade- error code 0x…

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yeah it’s pretty abysmal right now. you get in a game only to get kicked out. or sometimes you don’t even get into the match and it’s stuck in the ‘loading map’ part. or you’re loaded into the map but someone on the team can’t so you just sit there looking at the scoreboard. and have to alt+f4 to get out of the game in most cases. gosh i couldn’t imagine being on console and having to restart the entire console if that’s the case on that platform.

i think the farthest i’ve been able to make it in any game is wave 10. man i try to be quite forgiving when this happens with games, but usually games that are just broken wrt online stuff the night before launch are fixed by afternoon on launch day. actually feeling a little frustrated about gears 5 so far after only 24 hours. i’d probably take my money back if i could and buy it once i can see someone playing horde without any issues.

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i played and its rubbish, a huge step back.