Matchmaking in gears 4 sucks

Again, over and over. Bronze vs gold. How in the poop do you expect bronze players to match up vs gold players? Its extremely difficult to get my girlfriend to enjoy matchmaking when we can’t even get a fair and balanced game without a gold player running roughshod over bronze players over and over again. Is Gears 5 going to look like this? If so, our money is going to be spent elsewhere… maybe cinnamon candles will be less of a let down.

Maybe play Social until you can get better?

Or I find having a low 5 man squad of Bronze and Siler players will pair you up agaisnt similar lower players.

I was placed in Silver 3 for TDM and played like 10 matches without seeing a Onyx player until I was Gold 1.

The problem is inherently with the matchmaking service. You simply don’t allow gold or higher to play against bronze or people trying out. It just doesn’t make sense in any capacity to put a shark in a school of guppies. We played against a guy who had 20 kills by himself and our whole team couldn’t manage that. The reason being is that if you have a bunch of people who don’t know map control, weapon placement, etc, they’re probably going to get run over by people who do, regardless of skill level of each individual player.

And bear in mind, this isn’t a QQ the lancer is OP, or my blaming our lack of skill or familiarity on something external. I fully admit that the skill isn’t there. I’m simply stating that the game isn’t fun for new players when you’re constantly getting run over by guys you have no business playing against but are forced to.

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I agree, teams sometimes are very lopsided and just a pain to play.

Don’t know why it does it but it does …

gears servers are
trash and sh…t

Very laggy match making today. Sound is all jacked up and almost completely unplayable. Internet connection is good on my end. Anyone else having issues like this?

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I always thought Gears was not meant for “casual” players. The crazy players who wallbounce, roddie run strafe are everywhere. I know what you’re going through 'cause I’ve been there.

You have a point : the matchmaking doesnt help. Problem is : this game is dying way faster than Gears 3 or UE did. So the playerbase is constently dropping. It is why you’re being placed in those lobbies where you have to face those Gold or Onyx dudes. Honestly ? It’s not gonna get any better.

Knowing that, you have two choice : either you decide that you wanna be better, either you give up on Gears 4. It helps if you have friends to play with.

Your girlfriend can always support you with lancer (which is so helpful) or other techniques like traps for example. She might find the multiplayer really difficult, and it actually is, always has been since Gears 1 : harsh, violent, fast pace.

Dude, hit me up anytime on Xbox live and I’ll defend you with my life !
I can train you if you feel like you wanna have better mouvements.
If other players like me offered their help, then you’d be in a strong team and would be useful as a support player/medic/assist player.

Social playlist is aso a good option, there are players like you out there.

If you love Gears as much as I do (and others), then don’t give up. Don’t be scared of Gold or Onyx players, and believe in yourself.

PS : My Gears mate come back from his vacation on July 7th. We could take you with us in Ranked Matches. You don’t have to be alone in this.