Matchmaking in Europe

I’m new on the Xbox One and I can barely find a match in ranked versus! Why you guys don’t fix this?? I’m from Portugal btw

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Hey. Did you try TDM or KOTH. You should be able to find matches there.

Typically (U.K) Koth and TDM take up to anywhere from 10-20-30 minutes to find a match and it’s not guarenteed due to the Lobby dissolved.

In the evening it takes 2-5 min for me(KOTH). I am from Germany . But I usually play in a 5 stack.

At the moment i’m stacked with 120 pings and someone in the lobby says it’s hard to find matches too.

I’ve had a tough time tonight finding KOTH matches. Have also been on Euro servers every map which leads to endless ‘what the…?’ moments and have been waiting 2+ mins each go.

For the past 2 days I have been unable to find am escalation lobby no matter now long I wait.

I’m based in Britain and play Escalation. Takes sometimes up to ten minuets but often between 2-5. Unsure if it’s an actual thing but I started a little late and the first few games I had to wait about 20-30 minuets. After I got rank/connected to a few games the times between got less and less. Also best wait until later in the evening to start it since there’s a higher player flux.

I’m in the UK and TDM and KOTH are the easiest to find for me personally, rearely find anything else, a little sad to be honest :frowning: