Matchmaking in australia

So as you might have guessed, I’m from Australia. And I’m curious if anyone else has the issue of constantly and very consistently being put in versus matches where their ping is 200+?
I couldn’t tell you last time I was in one and my ping was less than 200, or even if I ever have since playing gears 5

I’m in the US and I can’t find a match in koth right now. Waited 5 minutes and quit out. Also takes an extremely long time to even find a quick play. Not very quick if yah ask me.

Game is legit dead.

I’m UK & can’t even access the Gears store or see online friends. Severs are trash.

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Oh. Maybe the servers ARE just having problems then…

Mixture of that and a dead population I presume. When I could find a match earlier, lots of shots not doing damage.

Are you talking ranked or quickplay/co-op vs AI?

(Fellow Aussie here).

I mainly do co-op vs ai but do play quickplay and have done a ranked or 2. And I’ve had terrible ping no matter what

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Unfortunately this game places players in any available co-op match rather than limit it to region (why the change to this from 4 I don’t know). I have mentioned this is awful to the lead multiplayer dev a number of times, with screenshots as proof. Hopefully it gets fixed because currently the game is a nightmare in versus for Aussies.

i cant remember the last time i was able to get a vs match with the Australian servers ( i can get into escape and horde straight away though) not many peeps from our region playing the game im guessing. I constantly get put in mexico or german servers lol

I did a couple of arcade quick play matches earlier and got a huge shock when I actually had a ping that was less than 200! It was still 150, so not a huge improvement. But I just couldn’t believe it when I seen it

I’m in Australia and usually ping is around 150 but… REALLY struggle to get any versus at all. Best bet seems to be after midnight Fri-Sat otherwise quit after 15-20 min waiting (can’t knock off those last few scores for characters). Have been surprised with the occasional 50 ping here and there out of nine where though, when I can play versus