Matchmaking I'm complaining

This isn’t right. I thought maybe they where partied up or something and one maybe was a A diamond 1. Nope. All randoms and one stopped playing halfway through.

I know I know 2 up and 2 down. It’s a terrible system regardless that everyone understands it.

I don’t care that I played stacked teams. This I care about

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It’s so funny. No exaggeration: every other game I play solo is against stacks. It’s so obnoxious.

Stacks don’t matter


Man, if only there was an easy counter to full stacks…

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Playing stacks didn’t bother me. I beat a three man squad to finish out the night after loosing to them the previous game.

It’s who I was playing with that mattered. The next game on regency I had one master and two diamonds.

The other team had a d3 and all diamonds as well. It was a very even game and went three rounds. The first game wasn’t like that at all.

I don’t really care about stacks, half of them are booty cheeks anyways, it’s at most obnoxious

Matchmaking by rank. So that match up is actually fair.

I don’t understand what the problem is here…

Could someone explain what problem OP is facing?

There isn’t for me… but I deal with it regardless. Cause as said they really aint that big of an issue, yea some are super sweaty and coordinated and it’s obvious, but there’s also plenty that are simply just playing together so they ain’t that bad to overcome.

As for the comment, or what it eluded to that I get sick of hearing… So sad people trying to conform people to play in a specific way instead of how they play lol

perhaps it’s time the community ask for longer Matchmaking times

are we willing to wait 3-5min for matches?