Matchmaking Horrendous Tonight

So I am just wondering how everyone is doing with matchmaking tonight. I have apparently been playing Masters Ranked players/stacks all night. The match attached the top person is a Masters Rank and I have had multiple other matches against even stacks with Masters Ranked players. Now i dont really care that much I am a competitive kind of guy. It was a speed lesson on wall bouncing for sure. But its a little crazy pitting Silver2/3 against Masters Ranked players.


It’s party night bro, the only ppl playing are real hardcore gears addicts, ppl with no life/friends an ppl who forgot what day it was :yum:

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I don’t think there’s a large enough player base anymore. Got this not tonight but today and the other night. 2 ppl were paired of and communicating. The match was so one sided. My team mates weren’t bad, but they weren’t good either. Lots of weird shots disappearing/shots not doing damage.

Completely took me out of the game and made me stop playing.


Lol no better way to bring in the New Year!!