Matchmaking embarrassment

I understand the playerbase is dwindling and connections aren’t gonna be all that great. But when I have flawless internet that’s hardwired having say 30 ping vs all others above me usually around 100 ping and I lag?? That’s a joke. Or for some reason there will be 1 guy at 10 ping and the rest of the lobby above 100 ping. Why is tht single persons server even picked? I’ve stuck with you through it all for my love of the franchise that you mutilated with poor choice after poor choice. You’re probably the worst team I’ve ever seen for a game ever. I dont know how you’ve even acquired this title. More importantly why did you? Coalition, your a laughing stock. I know this is just a whining post, but I dont care. I just want a single member of you to read this and hopefully realize it, and never pathetically attempt to do another game. Atleast get ppl who know how to code. Either way, you’ve lost 1 of your last 1000 ppl still playing. Thanks for nothing