Matchmaking does anyone actually play Gears?

(Santa 2512) #1

What is going on with Gears??

I want to play Escalation , Execution & Competetive playlists …

but no one else in the UK does!!! Wait times of approx 1 - 2 mins claims the banner


10 minutes or more ive waited for players or skill levels to be ““matched””

Ive even been kicked back to start screen ive been waiting that long !!

Yet anything vs AI and there is a game within 30 seconds!

What is going on, there is no way that in the whole of europe, they cant find 10 people who want to play a ranked or competitive match of gears.

and dont get me started on ping & leveling

When i finally get a match i cant tell before the match starts, if i’m on the winning team.

If my team have ping over 100 were going to loose.

Its pretty crappy standing next to an AI bot and unloading 3 rounds of the gnasher with not one hit registering!

Prehaps instead of season speacials and giveaways , just fix the problems…

Or even spend less time on G5 razmataz & cool skins - and fix the broken matchmaking properly!

(III EnVii III) #2

I only play the good modes.

Comp is really bad for tuning and Gnasher consistency, which is my personal opinion.

But maybe 4x XP in TDM has something to do with it :+1:

(chaaze) #3

No, everybody are where are free skins, achievements, 4XP and similar buyouts… Quality of matches, what do you think? Can we use word “quality” ever again with this developers??

(Master Newten) #4

What time of the day are you trying to find matches? I usually have no problem finding matches in King of the Hill or Escalation (though I haven’t played Escalation in a while) between 8pm and 11 or 12. Once you go beyond midnight it starts taking longer and longer as people stop playing for the night.

You might want to try Team Deathmatch as it’s 4x XP at the moment with a challenge achievement to unlock some weapon skins, so lots of people usually playing the other modes may be playing there instead.

(The SCHWARTZ 00) #5

Sorry to tell you this but Gears is basically dead as a doornail outside of the USA and Mexico. UK players are SOL at this point. The game is 2 years old and the only people still playing are the hardcore guys in the aforementioned countries.



(chaaze) #7

Dude, Gears3 are 7 years old but people are still playing it… Me included.

(API) #8

Gotta play with players from North America (NA-East for best ping) if you want to play comp modes. Team up with them and get on their servers. And in general, playing with a bigger party (EU or NA) will reduce queue times. Solo queuing competitive modes in EU is going to be very tough to find games. Not really sure why, but yeah.

(Carpus Fenix) #9

I’m based in the UK as well. You may find if you have not played in a while game searches for Competitive Escalation (the mode I most play) can take between 10-20 minuets. After that you’re waiting between 1-5 minuets. I normally play about 1600-2300 and games I find every time I search. Core Team Death Match I play occasionally when I don’t have loads of time or they do an event such as now.
A few times I assume is server issue related, after finishing a game and I continue with another search it gets caught up forever so have to back out and re-search which takes about five minuets after that.
Bear with it, it seems to sort itself out.
Ping also varies between 5-60 as well depending.