Matchmaking broken

Can someone explain why a team of bronze gets matched against a team of onyx :slight_smile:

To make queue times faster

It’s a triangle balancing act of ping vs skill balance vs queue time

Friends ask me why I avoid Gears since getting Red Dead and my best explanation is that one game continually rewards me and the other feels like a series of punishments. I keep coming here for positive news but it sounds like the old BS is just getting worse.

Just imagine, being placed with your actual rank. That would take a looooong time. People complain about wait times now, oh boy it would take 24 hours to play against your own rank I bet

Low player base.

I deleted the game for a while, and came back to it yesterday. Nothing has changed, so I deleted it again. This game is officially dead to me now.


This. The game is dead.

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Sorry to say this but yea gears of war 4 is dead.

Deleted it few days ago, but it was fun to play and now im waiting for 5.

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it’s not dead…it’s bleeding out

It bled out a few months ago for me anyways. Actually played it for a few hours the other day but then gave up again. There is no fun in it anymore.