Matchmaking and ranked

I don’t post much but damn…

Every single match I have played as Onyx 3 has pitched me with potatoes on my team against 5 skilled opposition. We win like 1 in 4 at the moment, looking at the score boards our team have average like 15 kills the other team have like average 30. I got players who are silver playing like diamons, and golds playing like bronzes! I mean… what the sweet fk? Might as well not even bother with any rankings and just make KOTH a social 2 out of 3 rounds? Seriously… The lag penalizes me for a fibre 200mb connection whilst the others who are like 90ping get shotguns that are like longshots, The sponge is real!

Urghh… I love this game but it sucks so bad at the same time.

Rant over.

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