Matchmaking and Crash issues causing bans

My friends and I have been having a number of issues lately where we are being hit with high quit penalties due to matchmaking errors and PC crashing issues.

The first issue, my friends and I would search for a match, get put into a game, and as soon as the map loaded, we would all get booted and slapped with a ban. While this issue has decreased in recent weeks (at first we got up to an 1.5 hour ban), we still occasionally get banned for no reason.

Here are two videos showing what im talking about. Originally i thought it was related to being the first matches we played, but later we had issues in matches after the first, so ignore that part of the video descriptions. The bans happen toward the end, sorry they are so long but I used xbox dvr.

The second issue is that while I play on Xbox, a number of my friends play on PC, and in recent months have been experiencing issues where the game either crashes, or freezes their PC entirely. What’s more, is that as of this afternoon even rejoining the game (which they do when the remaining game time allows it) they are suffering quit penalties. They have updated drivers, turned down graphical settings, turned off gsync, and still suffer crashes. It’s frustrating because I really went out on a limb to get people to buy the game during the last sale, but since then the stability of the PC version has tanked and the increased quit penalties has punished them heavily for it, even though problems with quitters has not really improved (perhaps, because people aren’t quitting so much as they are being booted from the game or their PC crashes).

The only solutions we find online suggest updating drivers, but the person who has the most issues has consistently updated his drivers (his issues largely seemed to be solved by turning off gsync, but recently his computer froze again and gsync is off). Windows store app settings are set to what’s recommended, and issues persist on nVidia 1060s, 1070s, and 1080s.

Typically when one of us get banned longer than 15 minutes we just stop playing the game for the night, so one could say that these issues are rendering the game literally unplayable.

While I understand the desire for serious penalties for quitting, and the system could obviously be circumvented otherwise, the fact of the matter is the PC version of the game is not stable enough, and the matchmaking is too buggy, to fairly punish players.

Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately, this is all very common with this game and the developers have done very little beyond acknowledging it.


Yep, they can’t even sort this issue out and people on here think gears 5 is going to be some great game lol

I’m stuck in matchmaking on xbox one. It’s been 20 minutes and it’s hanging at “Expanding Player Pool” and of course if I back out, I get hit with a ban.

The sheer ■■■■■■■ incompetence of this development team pisses me off to no end.