Matchmaking Algorithm could use a lot of work

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Long time fan of the series here. I’m making this post today because I genuinely feel that the ranking/matchmaking algorithm could use an extensive amount of work. I say this because I have just had one of the least fun multiplayer experiences in my entire life.
I logged on to play team deathmatch for the heartbeat retro challenge and my first placement match I was joined into a lobby of mostly silver, some unranked players and one gold player (on the other team of course). I did well that game, getting MVP with 12 kills, So, the next game was against a full stack of diamond 5 players. I do not remember all their gamertags, but let me give you a few of them: xFpx HuLk ww, r iLooneely F, w RAUL w, and they had two others with them as well. I am giving this information because I want you to be able to easily check whether the match happened, in case you don’t believe me or something. The match was on Rustlung on 09/16/2018 at about 11:30 p.m.

Now, in the aforementioned match, I had no diamond players placed on my team by your shoddy matchmaking algorithm. Furthermore, the only playlist I’ve ever been near dominant enough to get diamond in was Arms Race, and that playlist was removed before the diamond 5 rank was introduced. That being said, I don’t think I even would’ve made it to diamond 5 in that, my best playlist. All this to say, I had no chance against ANY of the players that your algorithm decided to place me against on my SECOND placement match. I had literally the least fun I have ever had in a multiplayer game in that match. I actually had such a bad time, that I am making this post now. Please find the time to do something about the algorithm. I love the gunskins you make they are all extremely sexy, but I dread the challenges which force me to go to gamemodes I don’t play because I know that if I’m not a god at that particular mode, you’ll allow someone who is a god to ■■■■ on me repeatedly. and that’s not cool.


Lmao yeah I’ve had some interesting games when I party up with a bunch of D5s. We try and mess around to make the experience a little less stressful for our opponents, but jeez these games should not happen…

I’ll be fair and say that we are 3-5 PC players, so the player pool is smaller for us and these games are sometimes the only ones available. But in many of these games, the queue time was like 10 seconds and it just instantly put us up against a team of very low rated opponents.

Gotta be honest though, the only fair matchup for a full team of D5s like you mentioned is another full team of players Onyx 3 or Diamond. Or potentially a couple of pro players mixed with decent randoms. And there aren’t too many of those compositions out there.


What I need to know is how in the first match the other team got a round on you guys. Lol

I wouldn’t mind playing a diamond stack just for ■■■■■ and grins. The sub 80 ping variety that is.

Has yet to happen for me though

We were trolling pretty hard and it ended up not working out so well lmao. Smoke tags were involved

another example:
I was watching a long time Gears content creator landan2006 on YT stream on twitch tonight, 09/17 at 3:03 a.m. EST is when the match ended, and he was running with 3 other people.
Landan is ranked diamond 4 in TDM, and his mates were ranked highly as well.
The enemy team was all diamonds and onyx players, no surprise there. But since landan wasn’t running with a full 5 stack, the 5th player it joined in to help him, Drasilos, was unranked with 0 placement matches played. At the end of the game that player was heard to say, “why the f___ am I against a bunch of diamond players?” This can be watched on the VOD of landan’s stream on his twitch channel for proof.
The matchmaking algorithm genuinely needs work. please look into this

It’s the WAY Greater Than Tiers > Matchmaking Problem
In my screenshot I’m the Onyx 1 Tier with one friend that’s an Onyx 3. The three randoms, two are Gold 3 and one more is an Onyx 3 Tier. We played against all Diamonds. Two at Diamond 5, One at Diamond 3 and Two at Diamond 2 Tiers. And, I just got promoted to an Onyx 1.

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Hey All,

Really loving all the feedback and discussion on this post guys!!

Let’s keep posting screenshots and evidence to show the Coalition that their algorithm is fundamentally flawed and cutting down on player enjoyment in almost every match, because it is failing to do its job.

We’re never going to get a fix. We’ll get a new mode before anything gets fixed…oh wait thats already happening

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half this forum seems to not realize a very simple concept.

there isn’t enough people playing the game to match against people near your rank. unless you want hour+ long match making times.

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There isn’t enough because one quits since they’re getting their butt kicked, and then others decide to follow, because they now know they’re definitely going lose the match. They’ll start playing some other game while we don’t get any compensation from that game we sent them to. That’s what it is.


It’s far to late for TC to care about fixing anything . This is the best gears4 is going to get, with gears5 on the horizon we are watching the final days of 4.

For the most part I agree, but the messed up sh*t is that a lot of these problems have been going on since the early days yet they never acknowledged it. Instead of have a group work to get boxes together they could have had that group working on fixes

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Right. I don’t need another map. I need the game to work properly so I don’t throw my xbox in the street.
I’m praying they get it right in 5.

While I agree with you there are different job functions and their networking department was likely working on Gears 5. But the general gamer wouldn’t consider this and all we see is a new mode while the whole core of the game is broken.

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you and me both man, Im tired of seeing TC respond to people about quitting. Talking about Ranked is a commitment you should finish the game and so on. Wish they would take their own advice

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Ranked is also supposed to be a level playing field so high pings shouldn’t ruin the integerity of a match but here we are two years later without a fix. If anything they’ve made it worse with the QoS because it still allowed the largest problem onto US servers and we all know who that is…