Matches "starting" but no match is actually played, then it chooses an MVP

Has anyone else been experiencing this since OP4 “update?” Match starts up everything seems normal, but then instead of starting the match ends without any gameplay and chooses an MVP seeming at random. Literally zero seconds of play.


Yes, this is annoying bug.

Its been added so we can get less time in game getting kills, damage and assists.


This is on quickplay, vs AI or Ranked?

I didn’t found it yet, but I played mostly Ranked and some Arcade for dailies

For me, it was Guardian.

Just quickplay, lobby breaks when ppl join at the start while its waiting for ppl to join then it doesn’t start, just gives a random tm a win and someone gets mpv.


There’s also a less worse version of this bug where a COOP vs AI match can end up with the COG team just never getting anybody spawned in for a round so the Swarm bots get a free round win, most frequently at the beginning of a round. Usually fixes itself when the next one starts but annoying nonetheless.


Yes happened a few times, in quickplay. A bot ends up getting MVP, and then it sort of reloads everything and usually you get the match you wanted, afterwards.

I think it has something to do with last minute quitters. My hunch is that if a squad of 2 or 3 leaves the game, after the next map and mode are selected, right before all the players drop in, such that it would leave a team of 5 v 1 or 2, the system has a fit, and instead of taking people off one team to re-balance just as the match is starting, it just gives up.

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