Match score zero?

Got mvp with over 8k points, says 0 on match score and I drop “rank”?

Anyone else?


Happens alot to me during comp control.

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Known issue when someone quits, TC is aware but thank you for mentioning it :slight_smile:


Nobody quit…2v2, everyone stayed

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Interesting, thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:



Me too and nobody quit

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Happened to me many times as well, when a player from my team quit.

Its just a visual bug, don’t worry.

You’ll see your match score added up from this match with your original total score, once you go back to the versus screen.

Even if you win a match, you can drop rank. That’s normal.

You defeated the enemy team, but you didn’t beat them ‘hard enough’, as predicted by TrueSkill2.
So, this leads to drop in rank.

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Just to clarify

  • 0 match score is a visual bug, you still get the score
  • If your ranked drops at the end of your game this is due to other people overtaking your leaderboard spot in the time you are playing

Ok, thank you!

And you Shauny!