Match Making is horrible!

Dear coalition,

Your matchmaking is so horrible that in quick play players get stuck in infinite loading times when joining session. The whole point of quick play is to quickly join the game and play. We are not supposed to join session with our thumb in our bum waiting. We have to wait 5 minutes plus spectating at the opposite team fighting the wind because our players can’t load. This is forcing players to quit and dissolve lobbies.

I am sure your garbage servers don’t appreciate having to spin up more lobbies then needed.

Also, your algorithm for matchmaking is borderline brain dead. If 6 people are in a lobby and they are all solo players. Why do you put 4 people on 1 team and 2 on the other? Why can’t you do simple math and divide the players in half. Ever thought of 3v3 in this scenario?

How are you proud to be developers? You literally are terrible at programming! You still can’t vote maps sometimes in ranked matchmaking without players doing your stupid little workarounds. How come you rarely ever see common sense issues like these occur in other AAA multiplayer games but yet they only seem to plague gears?

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If only companies didnt hire outside help to cut costs and TC knew more about their own netcode for a finished product “they” created. But no big wig suits dont want a solid sized team of passionate employees, then we would have a good game and wouldn’t be waiting around for a year and a half spending money on a product we hope one day maybe, but probably will never be fixed.

Game was ruined from the start my friend.


Hey, it’s this thread again. At least they’ll fix it, unlike Arcade.

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Dude this always blows my mind! As if it wasn’t already bad enough you have the triple threat on the same team sometimes the server goes “Hmmm well they’re already destroying you, lets make it worse.”
adds random to their 3 man group like EXECUSE ME?


Yeah bro I have had 4 players on one team all randoms and the lobby starts with only me on the opposite team in a fresh new match.