Match making for the ranked

Yoooo. Been trying to find a ranked match but each time i join it keeps removing and it gives 30 mins penalties. Can you fix this please because i keep getting PENALTIES FOR NO GOD DAMN REASON!!!

Reason #190,999 why these types of penalties are terrible and will ultimately get people to play something else.

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Penalties work well.

I’m sure I’d come here and say I got kicked and suspended even if I was quitting.

The point is, you just don’t know.

You have in front of you, a person who cannot connect to rank matches because of the game through no fault of their own are being punished for it.

This isn’t even an isolated incident as it has been posted (and deleted) several times by many players on this board. That’s not even counting how a lobby can be dissolve and hit you with a ban.

I know you are a community manager, but can you at least pretend to be objective?

People have been playing since 8am BST with no issues.

“No fault of their own” is a bit of a stretch. It’s most likely an issue on their side.


You just don’t know who is telling the truth and who isn’t.

People openly admit that they crash or have intermittent internet too.

They deserve a ban.

Since penalties came in,

I’ve probably had 3-5 suspensions because of a bug/glitch.

That’s acceptable when it keeps constant quitters way.

AFK and Quitters ruin online play the most.

I’d rather take a player who gets 0 kills because at least they are trying.

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I think I’m having a ranked problem as well,So context I realized by Xbox was on the wrong time I run on central btw so I swapped it over to my actual time wait 2 hours and now I’m playing,I tried to do ranked tdm as my first game and now it had some error and now I’m being put into offline everytime?

Happened to me. Won my.firdt match earlier

Left to main menu after the match, hit w 30 minute penalty

I haven’t been able to play any ranked matches yet, only Quickplay. Every time we get in, it shows one person missing, we wait like 5 minutes, then it exits back to the main menu with an error. No penalties yet luckily, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I got one soon…

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Exactly like the Tech Test.

I knew for a fact servers would struggle again.

I haven’t even played it myself yet.

Lol what

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I’m running a fever and I totally read his forum title wrong.

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I hope it’s still being worked on, because I still haven’t completed even one ranked match even after they said they were just monitoring it… :thinking: