Match Dissolved due to player quitting

I have yet to get into a game in the 30 mins I have been in Queue. Every time a lobby loads up and is about to start I get disconnected due to a player supposedly leaving. I don’t know if i’m really unlucky but I don’t think this should be happening. I have gotten disconnected at least 30+ times.

Please help

Yep same here. Constant crashing/backing out of games. Also it seems to ALWAYS, quit early from a online game at random for no reason don’t think I’ve finished more then a few of the games when I even get in them. Not looking good.

Edit; also anyone else find the lack of gold annoying? I miss being able to save up and get crates, it wasn’t amazing but feels like something is missing now and I don’t much rate the support package thing now. Haven’t had a new character skin or anything yet. Kinda sucks.

Same issues here