Match Cost/GP Suggestions

  1. winning team should not pay cost of match

  2. cost of match should be further adjusted according to performance: at the moment, it’s possible to lose a match and still retain our rank if we perform well, however, there’s still an instance where we perform well and lose our rank, which needs to be fixed… i played a match where i was the top performer out of all 8 players. my teammates had minimal kills; i had about 13 and they had 2 each… my 13 kills gave me 390 GP, and then i lost 610 for the match and lost my rank. perhaps like the old ranking system, the top player should be unaffected?

  3. match gp needs to be adjusted for bad matchmaking… i know the current rule is plus or minus 2 ranks can play against each other, but that’s bad matchmaking… if the extreme does happen, i.e., 4 golds vs 4 silvers, etc, adjust the GP loss for 4 silver team after losing

all and all, i think the tweaked ranking is decent, but the one size fits all for losing squad ain’t it