Mastery Achievements not tracking

The new 15 achievements are not tracking for me. I was playing the day they were added and after 2 matches it stopped tracking all of them.

Today I’ve gone on to play over 6 games and not gone up a percentage at all despite meeting the exact requirements and then some. A friend of mine had no trouble with it until today but his have stopped tracking also.

Has this happened to anyone else? If so, anyone know of a fix/what to do?

I think it’s Xbox LIVE issues because it was happening to me earlier as well. I played one ranked match towards the Studios challenge and it didn’t count, same for the horde waves I ran. Haven’t tried recently to see if it’s working again.

This happened to me although only lasted an hour but everything I did was still counting behind the scenes.

Is it working now? It was not working for last 3hr ago.

Still not working as of 5 minutes ago.

Hmm… It’s quite an odd one. Just checked my tracking through achievements and it’s upped some but not all of them. I had 0% for Overkill before I started, now have 2% BUT I definitely got a minimum of 14%? Hoping it adds the rest as I don’t really want to change the way I play just for achievements that aren’t going to work properly! Has anyone else’s shifted now or are all of yours standstill?

It should be fine. I had it go up slightly after a delay and then more later on.

Just checked again now and there’s no change. Fingers crossed this is only temporary and those of us affected don’t lose out!