Masters skins missing

I’ve reached masters on gears 5 ranked system and never received my lancer or gnasher and snub masters skins … even after the season was over. Really bummed about it

And it only took you 3 months to say something about it?

There were several posts about it as soon as OP6 finished.

Load out was OP5 I think so that means you’re 6 months behind, hope you have some screen shots for proof.

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I just got

You mean this ?

That says operation 6. Operation6 master skins linked here: Operation 6 - Ranked Rewards

You are asking for skins from the wrong operation.


@GhostofDelta2 oh man… I didn’t know I’m new to gears so I’m still getting used to how everything works … wish I wouldn’t have missed out on the other load outs :frowning:

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To keep players interested TC swapped out which skins would be eligible each operation.

Obviously not what you wanted to hear, sorry mate.

@GhostofDelta2 will they ever be up for grabs again ? The lancer and gnasher master skins ?

TC scrapped the ranking system for the leaderboard system and is giving away a different set instead.

Operation 8 will be the last operation so I wouldn’t think it is likely, but maybe if enough people ask for it TC may give another opportunity

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Ok ok thanks for all your help my friend. I appreciate it I hope that opportunity does come around again :blush:

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