Masters on KOTH solo?

Anyone gotten this with no partying at all? Seems pretty hard/nigh impossible this season

The highest I have been is Onyx 2, but keep going back n forth because im just extremely unlucky with teams.

It gets harder once you reach onyx because the game starts matching you full stacks of diamonds and masters.


Yeah, same boat, meanwhile I decided to try FFA and it’s a joke how easy you rank up, I should be masters in like 30 mins(D3 right now)

It’s not possible to reach Diamond/Masters without a squad, unless you have extremely good luck consistently everyday.

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I only play solo and have been bouncing back and forth with onyx 3 and diamond 1. Can’t ever move past it because of stacks but that’s just how it is. I’m sure its achievable if your having a really good night.

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Its pretty much the same deal with TDM. I had no problem getting masters solo beforehand. Now you cant just get masters solo, unless you have astounding luck.

I have been between diamond and onyx solo. You need to learn to cross and set up

Really doesn’t matter who you’re playing against. Now here is the real problem! Quitters for one but even more than that entry fees! You must have the fee but… Why no refund when one of your team quits?

I just break into onyx then next match one of my guys I am playing a lop sided 4v5 with a really high chance of losing. 1500 GP gone due to B.S. now pretty much right back to Gold 3!
TC when a player quits your team everyone on your team should get entry fee back! Unless we happen to win that is!
One final thought MVP means nothing! You preform the best out of 9 other should get extra GP even if it's only 10% Give me somethimg for carrying the team!

Yeah, but that isn’t masters…

While I am not trying for masters I currently going between gold and whatever the next rank is lol.

I’m onyx right now. I haven’t bothered to stay climbing because of PVE.

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Currently Onyx (1) here. Highest I got was Onyx (3) I believe, but fell all the way down back to (1) due to playing solo and losing almost every single match. :sweat_smile:

Might give FFA another try to get to Diamond before the end of this season, but I doubt I’ll make it… :joy:

I would love to be able to get a game on FFA. Been waiting 15 minutes so far… Says less than 5 on estimated wait time.

EDIT: found a lobby after 16 minutes, just for it to get stuck and then return me to the start of matchmaking… Thanks

That seems tough. I’m back and forth Onyx 2 and 3 and hit more than a few stacks. I hear it only gets worse as you go higher so I imagine you have to play like a god to get Masters solo.

I was near D3 by soloing but then I’m back to Onyx 3…

I tried FFA and it was easy to get Master in no time despite some sweaty matches, and I guess that mode is Solo’s heaven. As for KOTH, R.I.P as it is going to wither by the scene of stacking and unbalanced\awful ranking system.

I play with only randoms during the day, I usually get up to Diamond, then will have 3-4 games of either only 5 stacks, or 1-2 players quit and go back down to onyx1/gold3 by the end of every day.

It really is astonishingly easy, got first all but like five matches start to finish and im really not that good. It’s so easy to just run up to people fighting and steal kills. And if you have a decent amount, even top four are ranking up on virtually every rank.

Meanwhile, just dropped back to gold in KOTH lol, this ranked system is BS

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D3 then I have to squad or I’ll get onyx players with 5 elims the whole game.

I hit diamond with a mix.

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Then you must be one of the said lucky ones.