Masters is meaningless

Used to be able to need a team to hit masters.

Now masters is nothing more but a feel good moment for all the sub par onyx players.


Solo qued masters.

It’s not even a challenge.

Is that a good thing?..

58,892+1,221= 60,113 The math from the pictures as proof of solo que.

That’s why I say, solo players zip it. You got it so good. Get my skins that I had to win 20 games in a row & be better than myself with PPM (points per minute) & now we are equals…


Just throwin it out there…

Need any tips ask…

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Hey, think of it as a participation trophy now.



& they get my op1, op2 skins which was implemented on the “damage system”

Which you needed to beat your average PPM per game & win to get any credit.

You could win & be below your PPM & you would get negative points.

I just wanted to point this out there…

Not like there’s a reward for me. Which is whatever

Just don’t like they made it so easy.

Maybe make a new tier then since all the onyx players are suddenly masters.

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@GuiltyCrisis I sent a PM.

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