Masters in tdm what are you?

Well granted if they made that change they havent notified anyone. But it does appear that way. Im as high as i expect to get in TDM at Diamond I so I am not worried about it.

Before or after the 0 point thing :wink: other wise dont show me.

Before and after. It’s always been a thing and continues to be a thing.

Oynx 2. 68 %

Show me a before screenshot then right now

Before the recent 0 point glitch?. That’s easy. I’ve got pics in my album inside the thread that I linked you above.

That’s negative points after losing 1 round and winning 3, while rocking MVP… You’re very out of the loop if you think this doesn’t happen, as you state above.


You must be one of those ppl who love eatin shots ever since this stupid 0 points update i went down from a diamond 2 to a onyx 1 game is hot trash caters to noobs

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After the 0 point never said before because it was broken. If this occurred during the 0 point you would have gotten 0s

Provides a before screenshot. OP now asks for an After screenshot

You keep moving the goalpost. You believed you couldn’t lose points if you won with MVP, and I, along with many others, are showing you that yes, you can and it’s still very much possible. You didn’t know what you were talking about. It was your very first post on the forums. You were out of the loop. It happens. Move on.


Just show me an after

One question did you go full squad to get masters or solo tdm cause at the state of the game that its in now i highley doubt you earned it from skill all luck


Yup. Three MVP matches today, only one I got positive points. The other two awarded me ZERO. Hell the amount of games I’ve received nothing in the last week has been too many to count, lots being wins.

Honestly I just wanna see this whole system scraped. FFS we’re six months into Gears 5 and TC has failed to fix it after a handful of attempts.

Ever since the update i lose so many points and gain 0 points i had 2 friends rage quit already pretty hard to rank up when u have a fkn scrub random on youre team go 1 n 18 n some how u lose points foh

and that is good, no?

my grandma shouldnt be master cuz she wins on a stacked

maybe have the ranking system be a bit more simple and just go off damage done and make the result a plus or minus

for me, the ranking system has been working from the beginning. never had trouble moving up or anything.

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Coalition logic hey lets make it so if they win the match but give up a round we’ll give em 0 points instead and when they lose no matter what negative so they quit the game even if you win both. Rounds in games you get barely any points favored or unfavored i checked how random that bs is

14-3 in Guardian. Zero points.

By the way, in the beginning of round 2, Gears 5 decided to kick me from the match and disconnect from services. Joined back end of third. We then won two straight.

So not only did I get kicked from the game (which is happening a lot recently) and lose 600 points for the rounds i missed, but also received ZERO total. Three technicals issues plaguing this game.

Alright man, don’t be like this LOL. If they got it they go it.

I’ve personally been D2- high D3 since I started playing ranked again in early Jan. I can say it’s only more difficult to earn points at these ranks for two reasons:

Performing exceptionally well for the systems expectations in a high skill game (90-95k+) is harder because everyone is decent & prob doing their job, a 2-0 victory were you didn’t drop over 30 is like 10-20 points max. A lot of the time , you’ll just break even (0). That’s also a reason why it can be harder to gain points if you’re in stack with players around your skill level. The stack will probably win more often obviously but it could collectively take them more games. A few examples:

Me playing as the random /w the stack against an opposing stack. Notice how we 2-0 them but all of our teams points are close, so I didn’t really have a standout performance . The guy that quit dipped after the last round was won, don’t think that one mattered in this instance but I don’t know exactly how the system handles that situation so whatever.

Note: All the screenshots are before the rank tier threshold changes and zero point “glitch”.

The second reason it can be harder to perform (win rounds mostly) to the level the system predicts for you because the matchmaking. So obviously if you’re the highest rank player on your team the system expects you to do more but that can naturally be harder if your other 3-4 teammates don’t know how to play the game. There’s that weirdness with the game that once you get around D2 (especially D3 and Masters) you will get paired more often than not with 2-3 early bronze/silver players. You’ll also still be running into stacks so that can be real tough. In this instance, it’s harder to perform because the systems predicted outcome for your team is heavily weighted on you. But these games are also the best chance for solo players to gain a ton points, given you manage to hard carry your team to a victory.

There’s been some tweaks to the rank system within the last couple week or so and apparently you can’t lose points on a win anymore (zero point glitch or whatever) so that’d overall might make things at little easier. I think those two things are feasible things for any good-great player to overcome (if not eventually), so I can’t say it there’s much luck involved because look at all the unfavorable situations the system puts you in.

The only luck in the ranking system if playing solo is whether you get good teammates. Since that is basically random. Other then that they made the ranking system easier after the last update. The top ranks are still the top ranks for a reason, and to be at that level you obviously need to win a lot and be MVP a lot.

Oh yea, most definitely. I like that winning doesn’t automatically mean XP gain. I’m simply highlighting how OP is wrong in his beliefs that you can’t win with MVP and lose points.

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Yeah, that’s exactly how it feels to me as well.

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