Masters in tdm what are you?

So I hit masters in tdm. Currently the ranking system is working quite well and I wanted to say some things I noticed. In diamond you can now gain hundreds of points off of good wins. You uses to only gain like 80 max. If you were to lose one round but win the game you will get 0 points. This is to stop you from going down on wins. I have figured out a way behind this. If you were to lose on round but then win one and lose the third you can still go up as long as you got enough points to negate the point lost from the two rounds you lost. I have also noticed you will not lose as many points in tbe higher ranks. I do want to know how you other masters players experienced climbing the ranks.

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“Currently the ranking system is working quite well”

Erm no… That’s where your wrong… I’ve won alot of games and lost rank even with MVP

God I hate the whole idea of a Ranking System and the constant tedious talk it brings.


Welcome to the community mate!

I’m currently bronze as I don’t invest that much into that mode, but I’m Diamond Master in KoTH.


This isn’t true give me evidence as the games I’ve been playing haven’t been dropping me if I win. Only if you lose. You can still go up even in a loss.

I’m gonna’ spare you the literal hundreds of screenshots that could be provided on just this forum alone, but yes, it’s completely possible to win and lose XP. The reason Master players feel this less than the Average Joe is because we consistently perform at the top level threshold the game has chosen (That’s how the game actually hands out points currently. It’s based on personal performance and it has an expectation of you based on your rank).

So yes… Players that are legitimately good at that game do typically rise to the top no problem, whereas someone who goes, say, 10-7 while Onyx in a three round game will lose XP, even if they win, because they’re not performing to the standard the game likes.

You can read a discussion I posted a while back. It even have examples of me winning a match but losing XP because we did something stupid, but to sum it all up, winning definitely doesn’t mean automatic point gain, and less skilled players will often find themselves at a brick wall, where it doesn’t matter how many games they win, they will forever gain and lose XP and roughly stay at the current level they are performing at.

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To add to what @Fragmented_Wolf stated, the ranks are legitimately glitched for some people. As per my KOTH rank a few nights ago:

This was my 3rd game after placement matches. 16,000 rank/skill points is Onyx 2 or 3 as per TC’s own metrics yet I am in Silver 3. It will most likely adjust to the correct rank after another game or 2, but I just thought it was kind of funny.

Never seen that. Interesting.

Maybe I’m just a special case :man_shrugging:


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I’m currently a 5 star General.

Don’t be jelly.


The proof is in these forums itself…

Go look for it and you’ll see…

There are tons of issues with ranked right now, and i dont say that because my rank is low or im performing bad. My rank is now higher than it ever was in Gears 4. There are tons of reports of games with people getting no points and people gaining way too many points. Its more broken now post the update.

Have any of you considered that maybe it’s just rewarding points later? And in groups sometimes?

Would explain all of the issues.

You are right it could just be a lack of explanation on TC’s part. It would be nice if they could explain their own ranking system.

Not quite what I mean man.

I mean what if all the points are rewarding accurately, but you are seeing them on the wrong results screen?

For instance, you win 4 games, and then lose 6, and then get mvp the next game with a win-

But you lose points.

That could just be the difference betweent the 5 wins and the 6 losses, popping up at once?

It would explain it all. Latent accounting, so to speak, on the points.

Explains the 0 mvp points, the losing points on wins, etc.

No that’s just stupid, rewards are to be given straight after match

I never said they shouldn’t but ok?

Its possible that is happening. A guideline on how the ranking system works would be helpful.

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The rank system works well and let me explain. If your only going let’s say 10-7 in a match your not ranking up. You died alot and got such a low amount of kills. All games I play are consistent 15 kill plus games with minimal deaths. Let’s say you get 10 kills in one round and 5 in another. You wont get alot of points because you didnt do enough. And for the zero points it’s to keep you from losing points on a win. If you lose one round but win the match you wont gain nor lose points. It’s not my fault you cant rank up. I went 36-7 and got 0 points, pool only cause we lost one round. But I rather lose 0 points on a great match then lose a ■■■■ load.