Masters Division Players

Finally hit masters in TDM after a long grind, Just starting a thread here for people to share their experiences in getting to Masters, or to bring Masters players together/ help the community in their climb.

Personally, I was stuck at silver 3 for about a week. It wasn’t until i started solo queuing and started jumping ranks. Went from Silver 3-Onyx 3 in one day, Getting out of silver 3, onyx 3, and diamond 2 were the longest parts for me. Mainly because I wasn’t playing inconsistent. It took me 250 wins to reach Masters whereas I have friends that got it in 30 games. Stating as a fact you won’t be in silver 3 forever if you keep playing consistent each round.

I also suggest not to 5 stack, Not only does it take forever to find a match, i’ve noticed you gain less points and lose more points with a full team. This is just my experience, but if its working for you, stick with it.

Regarding bad teammates when solo queuing, just aim for playing your best, try not to rage (i know its hard) but the only way i could rank up is staying calm each match. Eventually, I could easily flank teams, grab nades, and spawn trap. Try to kill the enemy team before they farm teammates, aim for being the MVP each round by getting kills as fast as possible.

Best of luck to Masters everyone! Hope to hear everyones experiences thus far.


Play as best as you possibly can every single match. Avoid playing on a stack for no other reason but to avoid long matchmaking times.

In all of this, never lose sight of what is truly important in the game and what needs to get fixed by TC.

Also, I like your gamerpic @Kokuah


I was stuck in silver 2 like most the longest, once I reached gold 1 I jumped to onyx and from there was a steady climb to masters. I had a good squad to play with all the way there and hope they can also climb out of silver 2 soon.

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@Civilize_85ers Thank you man! Little foot repping all day. Cant disappoint him when playing :grin:

@NaviLlicious Exactly. I believe this is the case because the majority of the community is silver, so the grind out of it was the toughest. Once out of silver, the grind continued but way more predictable. It really helps though to solo queue out of silver imo, as much as it sucks, it worked for my friends and myself

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Grind out of Diamond 3 was the hardest… i had a couple of top 1% diamond 3 only to match with afk/quitters/20 death teammates…

I’m not sure why people say the climb out of silver was hard. I heard people say this and I created another account and got out of silver in 11 wins after placing in silver 3…

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I notice I climb rank alot easier on tdm than koth. Just can’t play tdm consistently it’s just not my mode. It is true though I only focus on K/D on tdm and the rank climb is much easier. To bad breaks and caps really don’t mean anything on Koth.

The climb out of silver is so easy, getting top 1% diamond 3 is a whole new challenge. 3people leave every game and even MVP dosnt guarantee positive points

I was in Silver for a couple days, I started out playing with a friend who is relatively green when it comes to Gears. (He’s played 2,3 an 4 but no noteworthy multiplayer experience) and after our placement matches we were placed in Silver 2.

I went/been solo ever since those placement matches. Silver 2 /3 are probably the grindest just because of the amount of skill points you have to earn to get out.

I was in gold for a couple hours, definitely the easiest to get out. Onyx 1, Onyx 3, Diamond 3 were all decently grindy. Onyx 3 is when I really started having some bad luck with team so I was there almost as long as Silver 2.

Diamond 3 I can’t say was as annoying as Onyx 3 but if you’re Diamond 3 you better be ready to carry ; expect quitters/afkers and see negative points when you MVP at times.

I play out every match, no quitting. If I leave it’s because the game crashed (PC) or the server dipped on me.
Toughest /Grindy to Easiest:
Silver 2
Silver 3
Onyx 3
Onyx 1
Diamond 3
Diamond 2
Diamond 1
Onyx 2
Gold 1, 2 ,3

I’m getting line 8 points a game as diamond 3!!! Guna take forever!!!

haha yes it will take a while… the higher you go up… the less points