Mastering Gears of War

So my goal with this post is twofold.

Firstly, does anyone get some real enjoyment out of playing games on the hardest difficulty, or does it make a difference to you?

Personally other than to say I had done it, playing Gears (Campaign, Horde, etc) on Insane or even Hardcore at times would just seem tedious and ruined the flow of the game, especially in 4/5 where the movement is a lot smoother and faster than the OG games.

Also… do you like to watch other people suffer?

I would like to exclaim a series I am going to be starting tomorrow at 1PM CST (Dallas timezone). For the next while in the foreseeable future, me and a friend or two are going to be “Mastering” Gears of War, live for anyone who’s interested in watching me play these games on the most backbreaking difficulty with extra challenges thrown on top, from being totally blind, to introducing mandatory Squad Wipes, to going Snubs only, no matter the cost.

I will be streaming this endeavor Live on twitch, Here and welcome everyone who wants to join to watch us or if the situation allows, join on and hang out on the air for awhile!

Yes this is a shill but I’ve been ramping up to this for a long time now, finally glad to be in the position to share it with everyone here! If you’d like to relive the classics, play a match of Gears 2 Horde on Insane, try to get that Savage Theron in Gears 3 or whatever else-- just come on by, please?

Anyways that’s enough of me but I do still want to know… anybody enjoy playing Gears on Insane? I’m doing it for the guise of “Mastering” the game, but is there people out there who do it for the love of the sport?


UPDATE: The first VOD is live! Here?


When it comes to playing Horde, right now, it just feels like a natural progression to me. I can safely say that in both Gears 4/5 I started out with the lower difficulties, moved to mid-level stuff(which I consider Hardcore, and whatever the equivalent in 5s Horde is, to be somewhere inbetween mid and high tier difficulty), and eventually settled on the high difficulties where it turned into something of a habit to play on them, as so far I haven’t found them too difficult to be un-fun*.

I need something of a challenge, if I’m playing a shooter at least, to be entertained. If it’s too easy, I tend to get bored unless I’m doing something stupid with a friend for the laughs, but if it’s too hard, it’s also not fun. For that reason, I tend to stick to playing the Campaign games on Hardcore(likewise with Heroic for Halo). Or the not very aptly named “Experienced” in Gears 5(why did they change the difficulty names again? completely pointless).

*I’m making this statement for 5s Horde in the current state, in the atrocious launch to Op 3 balance I rarely touched anything above Elite/Insane in Horde, and played Inconceivable/Master in Escape more.

Personally, unless a key modifier(health or damage) is turned off, in Gears 5 I hardly think that Master or Inconceivable makes a difference. Likewise in 4s Horde, I didn’t think there was that much of a difference between the two highest difficulty settings, and am not fond of “elitism” in that regard, where people categorically refuse to play anything but Master because it’s the highest setting, should such a thing exist.

But as I mentioned above, at some point the fun takes priority over the challenge. I only do campaigns on Insane or higher to have done it(5 is an exception as with Jack, it’s actually not that hard).

And I don’t often like playing with absurd or overly restrictive modifiers in Horde, like the stupidity of freeze rifles that literally is a big middle finger to melee CQC classes, or tripled damage enemies, at the very least after having beaten them with the classes they disadvantage the most for the challenge.

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They changed it because

But yeah I can see it progressing if you play tons of PvE, guess I never got too into Horde. I always found it tedious the way Gears does it where higher difficulty just means you have less health and the enemies have way more. Spending 2-3 mags to drop one drone. (A bit of an exaggeration but still).

Yeah I feel like most “difficulty” challenges are just making it more tedious or cumbersome to play, rather than introducing something new (Like an invincible Scion you have to avoid, having a different variety of enemies that play differently or etc).

I’ve actually been debating on replaying all the campaigns on the hardest difficulty just don’t have the time to sit and play a good chunk of it each time.

Skimmed your post but are you looking to co-op the campaigns or solo?

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We should play the campaigns together :wink:


No because I don’t think playing against AI is fun, that’s why I don’t understand why horde and escape are played so much. It would be better if when you increase the difficulty, the AI become smarter and use proper tactics or something. That would be more challenging than ‘well I guess I take 3x the damage now’

I’ll be doing the Campaigns, a match of Horde, Versus, Beast, Survival, Overrun, Escape, all of it is my goal. Have a buddy who’ll be around most of the time for Gears 1/2 Co-Op, but for Horde and the other modes, or Gears 3’s Campaign, Raam’s Shadow, Judgement etc would love to get more people to stack up.

Yeah this is my issue too. Playing against AI could be great, Titanfall’s Campaign is still fun on Master. Gears just doesn’t fit the bill.

Next time I see you on I’ll send an invite. I have to redownload the games lol

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Want to be 1st or 2nd player? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I know you love Dom so I’ll let you play as him.

Although I do have a Carlos Ferro autograph so one could argue by default it’s me who should be 2nd :blush:

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I need to get you guys on by the time I make it to Gears 3/Raams Shadow.

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We can take turns. Ill be Marcus in one of the campaigns :sunglasses:.

Let him play as Valera.

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Is it UE or the OG one? I kinda don’t wanna see a meth addict Baird lmao

You’re walking on dangerous waters there bud…

What? Telling me you don’t wanna see Alicia get murked in upscaled 4k?

Obviously UE. We get an extra act and we get to see this stud in 2015 graphics


You think? I gotta watch Dom die again and play as Jace (who Ive actually began to like more and more. Still prefer Comic Jace though. But I get to play as Anya at the end so I guess its worth it.)


Do you like his mini beard thing?

His chin hair? It was a thing in the 2000s, I like it on him.

But I really prefer this Baird


The longer hair, stubble, the UE goggles are way better though.

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I like Kilo’s slicked back hair compared to the older games, always looked like he had dennis the menace hair.

He was also in his early to mid 20s in Judgment. In 1-3 hes almost breaking 40. In gears 3 his hair looks longer so im guessing he stopped getting haircuts during the events of 3.

To be fair it does look good on him. Almost as handsome as Dom…