Master weekly hive

Hi everyone just wanted to express a little about these damn operation 1 medals!..

So I have played since launch, I have every medal apart from this- Master all weekly hives in operation 1

Here’s my problem I just found that to do this as pretty obviously in the medal description weekly hive!!! However I have left this medal until now to level my escape character up first then realising the weekly part! Doh!

So just to pass on the rubbish I just realised for anyone that does not know this any completionists you will only be able to get 98% including Halloween and terminator medals

(Maybe it was just me as a silly mistake)

But kind of gutted I don’t think anything special of the weapon skin you gain but looked at it as reward kind of! For the hours put in

God Dxmn

Signing off

You are able to go back and do old weekly hives and they will count towards this. If you want to do it this way you will need to do a custom game and choose the map as not all of them will be in the public rotation.

All the maps EXCEPT FOR Descent, Gauntlet, and Mines are the ones that have been weekly hives.

And has anyone else noticed the map “The Hive-Past Hive” under stats. What the hell is with that?

There’s a custom map literally called “The Hive-Past Hive”. Just host a game and select that…

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Don’t know when that decided to show up but I have evidently played it before in a custom game…and I assume it’s the same as the regular “The Hive” since I don’t recall a variation to it.

It’s exactly the same.

You can go into private, and do it, as said above.

It doesn’t matter if it is a challenge hive currently or not. You can post in LFG and/or the custom lobby browser if you need people to help you do it.

Does playing a custom game with the selected map count towards the leaderboards?


Just curious because I want to be able to get the weapon skins when you place in the top 1% of that hive.

Good luck with that at this point. There are a lot of speed runner times on the leader boards for most hives.

nice One thx I currently am working through the hives