Master Skins OP5 is like unlocking tour of duty 1,2,3 characters, why?

So I noticed the load out master skins that you had to achieve masters on op1,op2,op3 are available. For masters in op5.

Talk about how dumb that is.

So people who achieved masters in op1,2,3 get nothing for masters I guess this op?

Not even master character or something?

That’s the real issue.

I guess the average gears veteran gets the end of the stick.

Not like I ever wore the master skins but still meant something. Now it doesn’t seeing how easy it is to get masters.

I can get masters in a day in FFA , the word “master” has no weight.

Nice to know…

All the vets know what I mean.


For all you your grinders

It’s like having all of op1,2,3 characters available for completing the tour of duty on operation 5 plus lambient Raam


Huge problem here lmao

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They’re using OP5 as some kind of relaunch for the game. That’s probably why.


Yeah they seriously need to give us ranked reward characters. They did it in gow4 with the diamond cog and scion. Why not reward the people that are dedicated to your game.

I hate when companies only give offers to new customers and poop on their existing loyal following that buys all their content year by year. Their antiquated business model is what leads to customers leaving in droves and they are too stupid scratching their heads wondering why.

Gears will never ever be as popular and successful as its AAA shooter counterparts solely because of the people who run and make the game. I have finally come to terms and will be happy when the gears of war franchise finally dies.


I don’t think anyone in TC actually grinded in rank.

The op1,2 skins were the real deal.

Those players actually deserve masters but now it’s meaningless since I can hit master in op5 in a few matches solo…

It’s really ridiculous how much respect these guys have for the PvP community.

Never seen a company clown their audience so bad before & of course has to be the game I showed my undying loyalty for.

Really has me question this company moving forward.


You both will never leave this game.
Who cares about a skin or having to waste 20032920 hours for “master”?

play the game and stop complaining for those bs.

If you can’t understand this post isn’t for you.

I’ll just say it’s the principle.

Also so they can read the displeasure.

Good day fella

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The worst thing is that getting to master is as easy as getting to silver because the player base is at rock bottom low, so those master skins people worked hard to earn are now basically free for everyone

@GhostofDelta2 I no longer care about this.

Please close this thread.


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