Master Reward not given out

So i finished top 1000 in competitive 2v2 gnashers and was still not given the Heroic Obsidian Loadout Set. I navigated into the ranked playlist and it said it gave it out. I even have the achievement unlocked for collecting my first heroic skin but when i go into my weapon customizations, it shows that i still dont have it. Its been a couple days of refreshing the game and restarting my console. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

This happens everytime a season ends and players are supposed to receive their ranked rewards. Just have to wait until TC gives them out, unfortunately.


Usually tskes up to a week… restart the game and once you go play competitve it should be there… gl


Huh…that’s unfortunate to not be rewarded after willingly suffering through that dreadful PvP.

I was playing the other day and honestly the Gnasher was feeling good for the first time since I played regularly.

The game’s a bit slow movement wise but the weapons were good I think.

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Well that’s something, I suppose. The state of the movement is just too off-putting though.