Master rank too easy?

This might seem like a weird flex, I assure you it’s not. Both weekends i got and maintained master rank easily. I wasn’t even playing that much, say ten games a day? Both master for esc and koth.

It seems like the ranking system is a combination of playing enough and having a good enough performance (unsure how exactly that is measured, perhaps points per minute).

People who played a lot and did well seemed to easily get up to the top ranks.

I believe high skill rating/level granted you more points.

Still, so many people got it I can’t say it was truly Top 100.

I saw it everywhere!

But props to my friend @S1L3NT_CH4OSR4Z

He was rated number 1 in the world at one point :+1:


You could break into it by getting more points and then bump someone else out. A big difference between getting it once (like I did early) and maintaining it.

Sure but your skill would have to be top100 material - idk, it just seemed off both weekends.

Still, not a fan of play more to get rank.

Rank should decay but not on a play to gain point basis.

People that did well and played a ton of tech test would get ranks they normally wouldn’t be able to maintain.

I’m not particularly concerned about this aspect as it makes perfect sense to me.

A small amount or percentage each day or week would be good to prevent people from hitting the top and then not playing again, or playing on different accounts to hog the top.

I believe the reason it was too easy is a combination of the following two things:

  • The ranking system was very immature. No one had points yet, so even though the cap for points is at 20k, people got into Masters with only 9k points. That wouldn’t get you anywhere near Masters if the ranking system was a few weeks old.
  • The devs said there was a bug where it would place you much higher than you should have been placed, and would slowly (or rapidly) peg you down to your real rank if you kept playing.

This. You explained it better than I did.


I got masters 33 % after around 20 games of koth.
I only played it the last day.

But it will be harder when people team up and starts to know the maps. And when people start to use the Lancer more frequently.

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Im almost certain the bar for Master was lower than just top 100. My friend had Top 5% and was Master, which would be equivalent to a high Onyx 3 in Gears 4. They probably just wanted to get people excited about their high ranks. Reality is coming soon lol.

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Top 100 in the world in any playlist will be extremely challenging.

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If you think about how challenging it is to get up to D5 in Gears 4 and thats top .2% of population. So if 2 million people are playing (im not sure how many are but hypothetically) that equals 4000 open D5 slots. Masters will be only 100 slots per playlist. Thats like nothing on a Global basis.

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i doubt it will be like that on full releasemost of my friends got there.
they wherebarley gold tire 3 never mind even onyx or dimond in 4 itwont be as easy