Master rank reset all the way back to bronze, also missing master rewards

As the title says, last dev stream it was specifically mentioned that ranks would only go back 5 tiers, but some users, including me, got reset all the way back to bronze.

In my specific case I’m also missing the master torque bow despite receiving every other ranked reward up to diamond and the master mark.

I understand that as far as the rewards are concerned this is nothing new, but I would like to know if the team is aware.
tagging @TC_Sera for awareness, if anyone else is having similar issues, feel free to write it down.

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Probably need to submit a ticket for that. Maybe once a week resend it.

I know that happened to @oxJINXEDxo & she just kept sending tickets every week until she got her skins…

Back in op3


While it worked for one, do not actually continue to send weekly tickets, keeping Support updated on 1 ticket is plenty.

Swamping Support with multiple tickets of the same issue from the same user pulls time and work from others as well.


I find this whole resetting ranks only 5 tiers back to be odd, Im ready to start a fresh season, hopefully soon. Does suck getting reset all the way back if everyone was supposed to only get reset 5 tiers.

But yeah this happened to me op 2 or 3, and @TC_Sera I was told by support and moderators to resubmit a ticket as it was an issue they became aware of and was supposed to be resolved within a week but took a few weeks for me and others to get them and they asked for those still missing their skins to submit a ticket.

But don’t worry @SmugDoomguy you’ll get your master skins


I understand that the support team has a great volume of tickets to go through. But it has been almost 2 months and mine hasn’t even been touched.

Actually, I just discovered that a few days ago an automated message ended up in my promotional mail section, which was asking for a reply to not to close my ticket. I’m not even sure it hasn’t been closed before I replied at this point.

I honestly don’t want to swamp the support team with other tickets. I know that @mjrdecision helped someone that had the same problem in a previous OP by directly asking someone from the team to take a look at it. I took a screenshot (below) of my OP4 rank, plus I have the other master rewards, it should be easy to verify. Can anything be done?

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Wow, I’m so sorry to hear this, really sucks, surprised, @TC_Sera can you take a look into this ?