Master rank question

How does exactly master rank works? Does demote me to diamond if i don’t play for a certain time? or i can stay there as long i’m not over passed by points? I just care skins :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if you dont stay there you will still get skins, they use “high watermark” to track it. Anyone that hits master each season will get rewards. Same as gears 4.


Oh nice, but how they gives rewards on gears 4? is the full set depending your highest rank in any mode, or have to be the same on every mode? (i never played ranked on gears 4)

In gears 4 they released like 5 skins per season (always a starting weapon either lancer or gnasher) then 4 of pickup weapons. They may do it different in gears 5 as far as which skins are released. It’s always high watermark and u get the skins no matter if you rank down. Pushes into diamond a few times, then went back to onyx 3, always got the skins

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im diamond 1 now. Do I gotta wait for the season to end in december to get the skins? I swear in gears 4 I could claim them instantly.

They haven’t released anything yet… beginning of gears 4 you had to wait til end of season, for the first 3-4 season, eventually they came up with a rewards tab here allowing u to claim instantly