Master rank glitch ? SERIOUSLY ?!

I have seen and listened that there was a rank point glitch last day, and i checked rank board and asked people and YES there was. Now i see GOLD people i know now MASTER in TDM, like WTF ? Hahaha. It’s scandalous, it’s another proof that your rank system has absolutly no consistensy and definitly broken… LIKE WHAT THE DEAL NOW? You will give MASTERS SKINS to a lot of people who ABSOLUTLY DON’T DESERVE ? Hahaha, or you will give them to everybody for this BIG MISTAKE ??or maybe dont count this rank day ?? It’s PATHETIC…BY THE WAY, i just did one KOTH game, someone quitted on first round, we lost 2-0 and i lost 180 POINTS AND 170 IN 2nd ROUND HAHAHA… and tou give master to FUC… bronze or gold people. PLEAZE stop making games…

Don’t worry. You’re still special. Find something else to boost your ego and enjoy the game.

I guess you are on of these guys who never reached onyx and now master 20.000 in gridiron ?? Hahaha

The only rank that matters is KOTH, tbh.


If that helps you feel better, then good for you.

I agree with u… but you win a game MVP and enemy advantaged you win ZERO points, complicated to be master

Do you have mind problems ? Maybe to be locked down affects you? What u are saying has no sence

Poor guy…

Talking to yourself there, buddy?

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Closing thread as this topic is already being discussed.

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