Master Progression Issue thread

Personally I live by Hanlon’s Razor - “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.” Feel free to replace stupidity with ignorance, or downright apathy.

That, and I’m still a low rank generally so very little chance of me breaking the system and I’m still affected. Then again, I see why you say it as this is a very odd issue to have been dragging on so long.

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Guys, just sent a ticket too, I am stuck at general 15/35 since this new horde started.

No progress whatsoever! It’s says something that per exemple during a horde session, an objective of 15 kills has been done. After 50 waves same XP no objectives done.!


Example of a supposed achievement done, but nothing.

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We need to keep bumping this thread to the top until this bug is fixed. This is one issue that is NOT going to be left to be forgotten and pushed out of sight, out of mind. Since I can’t play Gears, I have plenty of time to hang around here. I’m watching you TC. :wink:


Not to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon but…


Well I thought this would get resolve in a few days but it’s been almost 2 weeks! Week and a half!

My all progress went to 0, I exit the game,rebooted, stats were back. But XP and stars(objectives) are frozen.

Is it server side?

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What is it about the number 7? Everyone who is in the legends rank seem to be stopping progression at 7 stars. Its just extremely odd that a good few people all stop on the same number of stars.

I am litterally terrified to play now. I am actually afraid if I stop at 7 stars then thats it my progression is stuck.


Wouldn’t it be funny if this 7 stars thing turns into one of those folk legends? Like El Chupacabra, The Barghest, Bloody Mary, and the Millenium Bug? :smiley:

Hahaha that would actually be awesome lol. Its not even one right now and its working on me. I am going to finish the dailies with a pillow over my eyes and my fingers crossed to not stop at 7 lol.

you don’t have to worry. me and some of others got this bug when more than 7
whoever will be will

Ah el crapo. Now im terrified to do anything.

I would love to hear what TC find because its not a widespread bug its a selective bug. Like is it something a player played or is it a certain aspect like stars or something … I have to know lol.

Seeing that in another thread, since the double xp seems completely broken for most everyone.
Maybe TC should turn off the availability to buy boosts for now.
You’ll have alot of pissed off customers on the plate otherwise.

I’m trending towards that slowly but surely too.

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The second the threads started and it became clear there was a problem with in game purchases I still can not figure out why the store was still active.

One of our devoted mods made the claim since its not everyone then it not a major issue but I would consider robbing (probably a streatch lol) some players money to be a major issue. It doesn’t work so it shouldn’t be active. I honestly don’t get the motive to keep it open when boost is not working for some and some are just not getting the real money purchases. Im baffled really.


There was one user complaining on Twitter that he had bought some neon skins and they were not appearing in the game.

He got a response almost immediately asking for the GT to try and fix the problem.

Personally and I know I sound selfish but I’m more concern about my problem, because I’m not at the 7 stars Legend rank! Did not bought anything besides “Prescott” and now I’m thinking what’s the point in playing?

I’m not ranking up or getting any reward for playing and it’s my go to game every time I have a break from the family and work responsibilities.
Pre-ordered the game and everything,

Siince I didn’t buy any boost or nothing of the sort then… what in the actual … is going on!? It’s been almost two weeks…

Oh and I have deleted the game and reinstalled everything. Deleted save from Xbox and everywhere too!

Open the game try a horde Session for a few minutes annnd nothing!

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Oh don’t get me wrong both issues should be looked at for all I know both issues could be related but having something open that knowingly doesn’t work is just bad form to me but thats just me.

This is true and something I wont deny. TC have made sure some players got their stuff but not everyone has been lucky.

There is no incentive for me to play if I am not getting the rewards. Id like to play just for the game itself but its just not that type of game for me.


I think everyone would like to know what they find, but what will happen is they will push a small update with op7 and all will be fixed. No more will be said.

7 full days of boost stolen from me.

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Op7 is still a long way out right? Player base will rant or just move to other games.

Shame first time I had decent ping on any gears of war so I was enjoying the horde mode. But probably if takes so long to fix people will move on, to other games.

I liked the tomb map and I was under the impression the Coalition were doing a decent job, so let’s wait and see I guess

Operation 7 goes live in exactly 2 weeks (assuming there are no delays).

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Oh man :man_facepalming:t2:In this pandemic it’s like 2 years :innocent:

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