Master Progression Issue thread

I’d argue the case that all players who experienced the progression bug should also be compensated to a point. The equivalent number of days in Boost would make sense given that we haven’t been able to level up classes, earn skill cards, earn Gear Coins etc. I mean, we would have missed out on all of the daily and weekly Horde and Escape challenges, have been unable to complete any remaining TOD medals as well. It’d be a good gesture if TC recognised this and gave Boost so people can catch up on what they missed out on.

And on top of that, if the player also had Boost, then the equivalent number of days Boost should be given to them as compensation as well.

So in effect, if a player had Boost AND experienced the full-blown progression bug for say, 20 days at the point it’s fixed, and had 20+ Boost days wasted as a result then they should get 40 days of Boost to compensate (20 days for the progression bug; and 20 days to make up for the wasted Boost).


This still not fixed and op6 ends in days. I dont earn anything in any mode. Challenges I complete go back to zero and nothing counts in the tour. As for stars Im on Legend97 7of12 stars. I think I was doing a horde when I noticed it. The daily I did on a frenzy master was last to count I think.

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It would go a long way to give people an official statement here. I supported this game and never left like many. Not asking much 4 them to say something on there official forum. Itll suck if this goes on into op7 with 6 ending in days. Losing boost but the store still works. I wouldnt mind if it takes some time 4 a fix i f they’d just officially say something here or on the update. Only the progression from bronze to master moves in ranked for me.

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To be honest I feel they should give, at minimum, the boost and the stars from the dailies they could have earned over the amount of days the progression bug has been halting them, I imagine a lot of people are stuck and may not be able to get the final rewards (or as many as they wanted)

I personally havent been effected by it (yet) but if I had been I doubt I’d be able to get the final reward since I can’t always play and do the dailies.

Not sure how awakward that would be but seems fair, just a thought :smiley:

why is there no official statement from TC on the gears of war 5 page about the bug and when the bug will be fixed by an update

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TC Shauny posted above in this thread , link incase you missed it

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As per TC Shauny above they are investigating but don’t know when a fix will be issued so he cant give an ETA yet.

Im with you on that. Everyone affected deserves something but will it be enough to make up for or at least counter the damage done because no progression then no game. Its a shame we can just estimate what players would have gained and hand that over but boost, being paid product, should be returns in full. I mean we probably can and its what I think should be done but will TC see it this way or just go “heres some boost. Its no where near the amount you lost but hey its something”.

Mostly just going on off a behaviour pattern TC seems to have (could be wrong) but ill wait and see (I don’t like waiting and seeing lol) what TCs response to situtation. Its a big F up for a game where nearly everything is progression based and if there no adequate compensation for players affected then I honestly I think people should drop the game like a bad habbit.


Just start off by saying, I do understand everyone’s frustration and I would be in the same shoes if it happened to me. I know we don’t always express ourselves the best when we’re frustrated and angry.

Issues usually start off small, effecting one or a few people and growing over time, if those first affected don’t log tickets then an emerging issue can be undetected for some time, once it is noticed as a pattern, more research is needed (more tickets by affected Gamertags), this is why it can take weeks and not have an announcement, because they’re still identifying what they’re dealing with.
Also why it’s too early to talk compensating, I know a broad “we’ll look into what compensation we can do”, but then if they can’t/aren’t allowed to that looks like a broken promise, it’s a tricky line to walk.

I agree there are somethings I think TC should do, I’ve mentioned some ideas but they’ve not been keen on them, @GhostofDelta2’s Master Progression thread only one taken up, it’s not just about keeping forums “tidy” also about showing that the issue is important and being taken seriously.

I’m going to sound really pessimistic here and say it’ll be ready when it’s ready, not just because I’ve both received and made that response more times than I can count.

Pushing for a date would also likely just get a guess that then misses the deadline, which I know sucks to hear, just my experience I thought I’d share.

Still, there is work in progress, which we have been saying on this forum and twitter.


That’s a good idea for compensation. I always try to play the daily Horde, complete my stars, and finish the medals for the VS event. Even when this is fixed, the Brawler and other events that I have missed aren’t going to open back up so I can complete them. It’s forever lost!
I know this thread is getting pretty long, so if anyone is wondering if Reinstalling the game will fix this - don’t waste your time, it doesn’t change anything. Still stuck


Well… thanks for trying, at least now we know :+1:t3:


Thanks for the info :wink:

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I think you should all get a tidy sum of coins too. That way you can buy some of the skill cards you missed out on earning, or cosmetics if you’re into the skins game, without having to plunder your existing coin supplies.


Nope, and mine has been a sh* *show for, and this is when I emailed support, April 18th….

10 full days of boost stolen from me.


Yeah. I don’t like wasting boosts because it’s annoys for me.

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I don’t like wasting the boost it was like 12 days… without boosts and xp… Wasted 12 days without boosts and xp…

I’ve been playing gears 5 and after each match normally you get xp and rewards, but for the last pass three weeks I’m not getting any xp or reward. I already sent an email to gears support but I still don’t have a reply. Can somebody help me?


There’s already a main thread on this issue. Please try searching in future.

TC are aware of the problem and have reportedly said that they have worked out what the problem is, but cannot give a timeframe as to when the fix will come.