Master Progression Issue thread

I’ve seen Shauny, Sera and CoalitionGears account respond to manny on Twitter, none that I recognise as “inner circle”, that’s blatantly false impression.

They do care, but sadly most things are not an instant fix.

He went on family leave for goodness sake, slightly more important than giving out an execution, he’s back now and will continue playing, they’ve not announced they’re stopping yet.

There’s been quite a lot of change since the launch of Gears 5, both in the game and the studio.

We all pay for many things and sometimes they unfortunately go wrong, need repair, update or fix.

It’s not stolen, no one else has it/using your Boost, it is however infective for some and that’s unfortunate and I hope it is resolved soon, tickets help with that, exaggerating negatively not so much.


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oh warte noch einer aus UK rofl … :boot: :tongue:

I think things are getting a bit hysterical in this thread.

For me the truth is somewhere in between. TC need to do their testing to establish what the issue is, before they can fix it. It sounds like there are at least two different issues going on here - the wider progression bug; and the Boost issue.

What annoys me is that TC have largely been silent about this. I know TC Sera confirmed last week (I think) thay they’re aware of it and are working to replicate the issue in order to pin down the cause, and I recognise it takes time. However for Boost users I think some acknowledgement of this would go a long way. TC should confirm that they are aware of this and promise in a broad way that they will recompense all affected players in the near future once this issue is resolved. They don’t have to be specific with how they will do this, or when, but a general statement to reassure players would make a big difference.

Even for the progress bug, it would be reassuring if TC were able to give us a general update every few days.


i dont care anymore …

It’s just the problem as been going on for quite a while now! It’s not something that started yesterday.

There are people saying that this goes back to 19 of April. Personally not so much time, but I remain quiet for 2 weeks, playing and getting nowhere.

For two weeks I didn’t see TC acknowledge anything! I had to search for the problem myself!

All the threads had to be combined into one, because it was getting out of hand!

If they post things like “new weapons, new operation” then please inform people when there is a problem and If that they are getting close to resolve it or maybe they don’t know what is going on and it’s going to take some time.

Get people on your side! We had the same experience with epic games so that should have been a lesson


I absolutely agree! Some communication and occasional updates would go a long way around here! I would feel much better about getting a solution and a timeline for a fix, if they would let us know what was going on and what they plan to do about it.
I’m really missing some Gears about now.

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I see reasons it would delay due to covid-19 it was like longer delays but why no one listen about tickets?
Where the game developers would’ve fix this issue would be expanded the boosts or refund.
Why this is taking too long?
I understand that people would frustrated for wasting boosts and game buggy reasons.
I don’t want to abandoning about fixing the bugs,
What’s the point about?

people here is angry now
because of bugs? not exactly
because they take on evasive attitude
yes TC sera responded. ONLY ONCE
so others lately got bugged have to search the forum about solution
even here TC member is not programmer nor TC cannot found the solution , but TC always could response to these people
at least they can tell us ‘sorry about bug we’re investigating now, later we can announce/discuss how we compensate you’ is that hard? so they never tell sorry?
and i read tweets tc responded to indivisuals however
isn’t here OFFICIAL FORUM? they responded to tweet users then it’s okay to abandon here?
even now in this topic some of others tagged TC sera and never response
people here are frustrated not because of bug
because we don’t even know they listening us


and the TC have to thanks who’s angry now
because these people love the gears series
someone else doesn’t have any love of this game
they already left the game without any complain

14 days for me with this issue. No boost, no exp, NOTHING. It’s a shame.

Thanks TC, thanks for your great effort in solving this situation.


Hi fellow german :wink:

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Yeah the way the no progression at all bug is being handled is beyond “problematic” I agree.

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Hey everyone,

I’ve asked when we can expect an ETA on the fix, from what I can see we do have a fix in progress, but just need that all important date.

I realise this isn’t ideal, but hopefully provides you a bit of a better update on the issue.


That’s good news that your colleagues seem to have worked out the cause of the problem and have a solution. Hope it’s sooner rather than later! Thanks for the update.

It just occurred to me to ask - can I clarify if this fix is relating to the Boost problem; or the overall progression problem (or both)?

I hope it’s both - I’m not getting any XP and I believe I’m also affected by the boost problem as I don’t get any XP (or ribbons) at the end of matches, the +100% Boost thing does NOT appear (though the playlist title cards now say 2X XP in the corner as they used to) and my tour of duty objectives progress is stuck.

I wish I could confirm if Boost is working correctly - but 2x of 0 XP earned is still 0 XP!

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Well at least you are trying :wink:

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here we go again :tongue::boot: facepalm :laughing:

Here here. This is pretty much the only issue I have with how TC handle these things. I am not running around going fix it fix it fix it fix it now but I am looking for an official statement to tell use they know and are investigating what the cause is. In all honesty this entire game is based upon grinding everywhere as in Tour medals, Legend medals, XP, character XP and Ally XP and when none of that works then what do you have? Like the game stands on progression and the fact it is does not work can lose players and damage the name Gears.

I would love to play this game for the game itself but it just isn’t that type of game for me at all. Sure I enjoy a few things about it but not enough to keep the completionist in me satisfied lol. I would more than likely drop this game the second I am hit with the bug (do not even dare put this bug on me) and only play again when its gone but if I break the cycle I may never come back lol.

Sorry went on a bit of one there lol. Just aggrevating how its been handled and the fact that new and old bugs are popping up all over the place … ugh … deep breaths … ok im good.

Edit: Only seeing TC shauny post now. Sounds like TC are on top of things. Only Questions is what is to be done about the players whose boost has not worked in nearly 2 or more weeks?


Would be the overall progress issue as the boost issue has been resolved.

Obviously people in your situation where nothing is progressing wouldn’t be able to see that so I understand :slight_smile:

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Hopefuly it wouldn’t happned again