Master Progression Issue thread

Damn it Doc! Now I can’t unsee it.


Haha I can’t either :rofl:

Few days ago the boost has stopped working. I had 66 days xp boost but I receive double XP no more. Why did we have to pay this money to the Coalition if this service no longer works ?. I wrote an email to support 1 week abo, but nothing has changed since then. Why does Coalition stuff always have so many problems? Why do they never correct the mistakes they cause ? It is a shame and, of course, a scam.


IMAGINE selling a product that doesn’t work and ignoring it and ignoring the paying customers.

In WHAT business world would someone get away with that?

In WHAT business world is this tolerated?

No refunds.
No compensation.
No sorry.


It seems like ive been on level 19 of initiator for a month or longer. And im only at 47,000 out of 100,000. I really havent paid attention to whether or not its moving upward or not. It just hit me this morning that the pie shape showing how much of level 19 ive completed seems to have stayed in the same spot relatively. I know the easiest thing to do is play a match and check it at the end. But im tied up today. Does it really take this long to gain 100,000 xp.?Obviously it depends on what im playing on, daily challenges etc etc…ill say this-I usually do about 10-15 waves on elite everyday for my dailies and stuff. And escape once in blue moon(ive been grinding koth lately). Thanks

We are all on that thread, seems like a major issue!

@Bleeding_Pepper im still getting dailies-cards-coins-it just seems like my xp progression hasnt moved. But again, Ill know definitely when I have time to play late tonight. Pep…you are knowledgeable about the Horde progression system. Is the 100,000 xp needed to go from 19-20 an amount that takes a really really long time. See I pretty much play Horde solo almost exclusively-just for fun-warm ups-daily challenges-medals etc. And I predominantly play as initiator. So I just dont pay that much attention to stats. It just seems like ive been stuck in mud trying to hit level 20.

I have been Major General 5 since April 15th now, no rewards from daily horde, no anything from anything, thry have replied to me once, nothing since…new season starts in 2 weeks, my initial ticket was put in April 18th

Does tweeting at the Coalition work? Holly cow, this money-stealing bug is a serious problem and have been a problem for weeks now.

Oi, my boost is back.
So far tested on the daily hive and a quick Coop vs Ai.

Did I miss an announcement ?

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No but I did update the OP earlier to reflect my own testing.


Has the Curse of 7 Stars been lifted then? Or is it just a fix for the Boost problem?

Not sure sorry mate, I didn’t have that issue and the update is only from what I could personally test.

Haven’t heard anything official

Tested in a horde match now too, seems to work.

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Interesting Mutators it was though.
I just randomely joined an advanced match with my Striker.

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Tested it just now - no change on my end - still no XP, skill cards, ribbons etc.


Thanks for letting me know, and sorry that is the outcome

Yeah. Boost back to fully functional (for me) it seems, xp, cxp, stars were always ok. Whether that’s a global fix (hope so), account fix, fixed itself, other, who knows right now outside TC. Thanks anyway to Ghost and others.

Hope the Curse of 7 Stars (TM Bleeding Pepper) is lifted soon.

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How did you get your boost to work again?

I just turned my xbox off and on again (having seen Ghost’s addition to the first post), it was then working when I loaded back into the game.

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