Master Progression Issue thread

This should be top priority not Gnasher changes.

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TC is still ignoring this money-stealing bug? They better have some kind of a good plan to compensate us since money was taken from our account but no service given.


Ah but it’s… like … you … know breaking the game … so maybe ju … ah who am I kidding … your right!

I have not experienced this problem so far, it does not register XP progress in Ranked, Rapid games, Horde and Escape, please fix the problem.

So not that I was all that crazy about BLOOD RED QUEEN REYNA. But I do find it quite unfortunate it breaks when I’m on that card lol. Its been stuck a few days now and no dailys will count for anything.

Considering a good or bad omen, I’m not sure if I should sell my stock or buy a lottery ticket. :man_shrugging:

Given the situation; if this were to happen, I’m pretty okay its happened on this operations character lol.


Q the X-Files themed music :rofl:



Well, I didn’t want this weird observation to turn into a full blown conspirary theory! It was just a pattern I had noticed. It may not mean anything at all, but it’s odd so many people are stuck on 7 stars. But yeah, it’s an issue which is affected quite a few players unfortunately. No news as to what is causing it, or when a fix will arrive. I couldn’t finish the Brawl event medal category; and am missing out on all other forms of progression - XP, skill cards, stars, TOD medals, all rewards from the daily Horde and Escape challenges…




Same here

completely stuck on stars and XP progression, even class XP for horde, and rewards for doing the daily horde maps are not given out.

Daily challenges stuck even though they pop up as completed in-game. I have no idea how I have 2/3 heavy weapon kills in Versus because I know for a fact I haven’t played on any versus maps that even have heavy weapons since I got that objective - and I don’t reroll my versus ones now because it’s a high chance that I get one for winning Arcade matches - WHICH ISN’T EVEN AN AVAILABLE GAME MODE RIGHT NOW…

it’s like what the hell happened to this game?



I guess ppl are that desperate these days I guess :tipping_hand_man:


I’ve heard they are aware and working on it, but that was a few days ago,

Thats why I decided to make this post. Hoping someone knowledgeable enough would spill the beans.

Hope it gets fixed soon. I’m not crazy about the skin but I know some who are. And only 2 weeks left in the op so I can phantom some who aren’t too happy.

Last I heard, TC are trying to replicate this bug in order to pin down the [possible] cause, but they were having trouble doing so. From what I gather some people are totally unaffected and they haven’t come across a pattern yet.

Also there are some people experiencing what appears to be slightly different issues. Some people who have Boost for example, are experiencing issues where they get partial progression - so they may still get XP, but only 1x instead of 2x. And they may be getting stars, but not XP. It could be that there are a number of different issues going on right now.

Since we are all sharing. Here is mine.

Enjoy Prescotts new face =)


I’ve no idea if i get any xp of any form, max reup and all lvl 20 classes. would need to check allie xp.

I had 1 issue last week where i had to win a vs ai match, which i did but the objective wasnt complete after the match. I then played some qp matches with some friends and after the 1st match i got the stars for doing the vs ai match.

I still receive cards as i did lift frenzy the other day, and stars from tour also.

My boost ran out last week, not sure when.

This is a pretty major bug compared to some other ones, hope they fix it soon and give a 4x xp event or something.

It should still show up in your post-match screen even if you’re maxed out reup.

Another tell-tale sign is if you don’t get any ribbons despite having earned ribbons during the game.


Yep, forgot to mention this in my post. Ribbons pop up all game but the post-match screen shows 0 ribbons earned.

Pretty sure it doesn’t show what i got, but then i dont pay much attention to it.

Edit: Away to play some qp matches, ill have a look.

Edit 2: @Bleeding_Pepper after every match it shows 0 xp given for all, but if i check allies it shows i got xp from that and also allie xp, ribbons show i got X amount of xp from ribbons. I also get the timed star bonus.

Just seen the recruit playlist in the main menu.:thinking:

Yup… Stars are broken… Einstein’s Relativity broke them…

same issue with me too, 7 stars, challenges broke :confused:

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