Master of My Domain requirements changed/specified

Before - Complete an Escape Hive on each difficulty

Now - Complete a Launch Hive on each difficulty (The Hive, The Descent, The Gauntlet or The Mines)

I would assume it still has to all be done in a single hive.

So instead of fixing the achievement they decide to screw over a whole lot of people myself included.

It’s always been what it is now, they just fixed the wording… they didn’t screw anyone over at all dumb…

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Wrong, it used to be beat all the difficulties on the first escape hive you cleared, so if I had waited until The Surge released and played that as my first Escape hive I would have received the achievement. So yes, they did screw people over by now restricting it to just the release maps.

Wrong and all maps are easy.

This achievement is confusing. I completed the gauntlet on every difficulty last night and I’m still stuck at 75% - like I have for weeks. Does it have to be the first hive you completed? Wording of the achievement doesn’t say that but it didn’t pop last night. I’ve only done up to insane on the hive so guess I need to do inconceivable and master on that.

Most likely has to be the first one. That’s how it was before, but I wasn’t sure if they had perhaps fixed it. Guess not.

Nope, not fixed. Managed to do the hive on inconceivable and the achievement went to 87%

Now having an issue finding competent randoms to do master… My friends have already given up on gears 5 :roll_eyes:

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WOW this is driving me crazy ive spent most of the day (mostly waiting for randoms to help) i finished all of the decent on every difficulty - for it to be stuck at 87% i read on here people saying master the first hive you did …how am i supposed to know that? ive checked stats etc i cant find anything

Play all 4 Launch Hives on Master and see if your tracker moves? They’re all easy.