Master mode is unbearably stupid nonsense

Does anyone actually like the harder difficulties or are you just doing it for the leaderboards and cards chances? Now to be fair I always hated the higher difficulty settings in other gears games and I normally stick with hardcore, the only campaign I beat on insane was judgement and I honestly cheesed it because I had my partner playing on casual, feel free to judge but ■■■■, in shooting games especially enemy health SHOULDN’T increase because guns no longer feel like guns, they should just add more enemies or change the enemies in each group and maybe you do SLIGHTLY less damage but still make it feel like a gun. And let’s not forget the health regen and all the other stupid modifications that come with master.

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*Horde is unbearably stupid nonsense

I only played on Master for the achievements and gave up on the ones for Escape. Frankly it’s just not worth it to play on the higher difficulties when I still get nothing but Green skill cards. And the XP just isn’t worth it. Especially when 1 single mistake ends the game. I just don’t find it fun, would rather run around on Beginner only killing with melee or pistol than play on Master difficulty.

The game should have stayed with Insane for the highest difficulty. The only reason we even got Inconceivable, Master, and Ironman for Gears 4 & 5 was because a very small group of gamers who consider themselves to be “pros” whined about the game not be challenging enough for them.

Master is fine with a good team. Inconceivable with health regen off or more health off is more fun for all around play.


Honestly i only play horde for the medals.

Escape and Horde are kinda fun , especially escape.
But all the difficulty mutators are just artificial difficult.
Making enemies with more damage or more health does not add fun to the game.
Putting shields, or electrical damage are just more and more ways to kill you easier and boring.

I rather prefer they make ant hive really unique , dont know something that makes sense like one hive with only bosses , or with Crashes or crumbles don’t know
Meaby to let someone behind Jesus .

This is absolutely no fun. I never join the lobby if the health mode is on - is very tiring, especially for a sniper. And I never play without damage mode - too easy. Just as little joy from the execution mode - I turn it on only because of the chance of a rare card falling out, probably like all other players. I also like the energy loss mode - makes the team be more active.

I only play master horde really, everything else is too easy. (Of course sniper and other hero’s are still far too underpowered for this mode tho. It’s a JD and Kait game)

Master escape is crazy though, that I usually only play elite

Yh its so crap playing on harder difficulties they should just do gears of war 2 style casual normal hardcore insane difficulty for horde and escape

I’m slowly learning my way around this newest Horde and can say I am very comfortable in Inconceivable. So I don’t foresee Masters being too challenging for my team.

That’s Horde… Escape on the other hand is…

Just freaking stupid on Master. Honestly, is there a single hive that’s even possible without the grenade exploit? There is quite simply, not enough ammo to kill all enemies, not enough room to run around them. Can someone tell me, is it possible to beat Master Hives without Keegan and his grenades? (venom run excluded)

I beat most of hives on master without keegans grenade glitch. All op 1 hives and most of op 2 hives. The base of successful reaching helipad on master is teamwork and communication and perfect use of your character. Without it you will fall very early.

Yes. all of them. I can solo almost all of them on master. Maybe all if I spent more time trying the last couple I haven’t yet.

I did Master for the Achievements at first then I got into it for the maxed Level 5 cards. The lower difficulties are simply not challenging enough and allows more room for error and sub builds to work, which could be fun. Although when you perform really good or well on Master, it can fun because you’re destroying the hardest difficulty in the game. Or doing something unusual that has massive effect. Even experimenting on Master is interesting to do like checking out how useful JD’s bleed is with other explosive weapons. Trying T-Bow as Fahz being more powerful than Longshot, and still a one-shot headshot weapon on Wave 30+.

Escape I hate on Master, just stupid hard imo. I probably just suck though. My only problem with Master horde is the length

I still have a couple of maps not mastered in horde and that is the only reason why I sometimes play on master. I dont think master is especially fun. It is more challenging and requires more from a team point of view but I rather play for fun than for challenge these days.
Same goes for escape, I have mastered a couple of maps but I just dont think it’s fun anymore. Have not done escape at all for months.


I prefer Beginner because it is relaxing and there is no pressure and you are free to try any play style you want.

I only do Master runs with a stacked team that has good banter, humor, and respect for each other.

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Yeah. Keegan venom boost and/or recharge bounty and/or resupply duration/huddle up cards.

True, but I think that a great deal of the fun lies in how the team works together. That is seldom doable in beginner. To much quitting and solo runners.

Playing on higher difficulties aint no guarantee for not encountering the same issues but I like to think that its at least more rare there.

I did some Master runs on Horde Frenzy last night and while I was doing ok playing them as Kait, it really was just a somewhat monotonous experience where I was constantly risking to get shot down as soon as I decided to shoot something, if I couldn’t just block line of sight completely or it wasn’t a Reject/Ice Scion far enough away, and the enemies sponging a crazy amount of fire(unless of course, JD dropped some explosive nukes on them). If I find it barely interesting to play as Kait(going around stabbing them to death in cloak sure was more fun, though that doesn’t work for Scions/Pouncers/DR-1s), I don’t think it would be any better trying it with Lizzie(I haven’t yet). How do people put up with such an experience when they’re not Kait, Fahz, JD or Keegan? You’re barely any use beyond supporting the team with taking some minor amounts of health off the enemies with your peashooters.

But well, at least I did prove to the JD that even though he thought “This is Master Frenzy, GL spamming is necessary.”, I was entirely capable of holding the enemies on the left side off myself, in no small part due to the very helpful Jack heal beaming me so I could use a more advantageous spot(for Kait) against the enemies and didn’t need 2-4 GLs dropped on every single one of them to “help” me kill them when I could do it just as well myself to take most of their health off with the Overkill.

Well, except for Sentinels and Guardians but they are just a ridiculous enemy in Gears 5 now. You have almost nothing to stop one from charging into your base unhindered now unless someone even wants to try risking getting shot to pieces remotely by going underneath it, or if you can predict the path it will take and place someone with a Cryo Cannon there if one is available. Trying to then not get completely wrecked by it is also an entirely different matter.

But rants about enemies and JDs thinking all their teammates are incompetent toddlers who wouldn’t know the difference between a toe and a finger and Guardians/Sentinels aside, I personally don’t see how anybody really finds Master very enjoyable. If anything you could at least have tough boss fights but most players will insist on having a JD so more often than not the bosses just get nuked to death extremely quickly before going anywhere so you don’t even get that. So you’re mostly just left with fighting extremely spongy enemies that put you down as soon as they just look at you and blow your way. To me, that gets boring rather quickly.


You have JD issues man. Deep breaths.

No, it was just me telling Ektope I wanted to have some fun killing enemies as Kait myself rather than everything I tried to kill getting a nuke dropped on its head when it was unnecessary. I could barely shoot anything before it got nuked most waves until I decided to speak up about it.

Well, and I did feel some satisfaction in proving it was not necessary to GL spam every enemy to death even though he was convinced about it.

And I’d still go without one if it was an option. I thought you knew I’d made this clear by now. But with Frenzy being public matchmaking only for the foreseeable future, and so few players being willing to go without a JD, especially on Master, I had to make some concessions or sacrifices, whatever you wanna call it. Like being stuck into the same spot as a JD since nobody wants to try Exhibit anywhere other than in the dead end in my experience.

Though at least some of my rant is really directed at the way Master is designed. Rather than at JD himself, since I think the difficulty’s design is one of the reasons why people do this GL spamming and are ok with it. That, and unwillingness or inability to learn.