Master levels... Horde or Escape

I’ve noticed this for a long time now, and that if you tag as many enemies as possible your odds of surviving are LARGELY increased. I wish a lot of players understood this simple, but effective way of playing.

What’s the purpose of attacking enemies if you don’t know where they’re located at?


We need a character with an ULT that pings all enemies on the map and cool down is reduced when pinged enemies are killed. Keegan has some skills related to this and COG Gear’s healing bounty is pretty nice, but I think they could be better.


Yeah, that would be a pretty good ultimate. COG Gear gonna be back useful with this new update, hopefully.

This is effective in Escape but I find not many mark in Horde. Too many enemies come and go, we are not going anywhere and camping down, watching closely. They move, we’ll see. But it does help when marking priority targets like Bastions, Bosses and flyers.


I mark everything moving, lol, just a habit of mines.

I’ve been in situations in Horde, when enemies begin rushing in to deep, that we’ve all died from enemies that weren’t marked, rushing from a certain side.

I’m guessing you probably run with a pretty good squad? I play majority solo, especially in Escape, so pub coordination is definitely not a strong suit, lol.

Mostly solo. Sometimes with a friend.


I want to max out everything before op4

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It could take 62 days ish to max all character cards… so it’s possible within 3 months. Horde characters 2 weeks each and Escape character 4 days each. But it’s a lot of grinding.

Wow! :flushed::flushed::flushed:

How many hours you guesstimate?

I would settle for maxing out everything that I use - but RNG and time resist me for characters I can run in Escape and players that don’t understand how things work subvert that in Frenzy :-/
Perhaps another qualify of life improvement would be a matchmaking preference for only players with Mic so that if they didn’t know something they could at least be told about it.

I tend to mark nearly every enemy I’m shooting at, especially if there’s two or more in a certain area. Even if I think/know I can finish them off. I figure, just incase I can’t and I’m downed, it will be easier for my teammates.

It’s a habit I picked up from playing Battlefield Bad Company 2.

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I think more people were marking enemies when they got points for assist like in past games.

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That fact that marked enimies are now lit up like a Dutch brothel as opposed having a simple mark over their heads. This makes aiming all that much easier for everyone on the team in G5… even more so at distance.

I reckon that could be Paduks Ult, going by judgement…if they ever get around to releasing him?..

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This is exactly my thinking, especially on the harder difficulties.