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Master horde like casual on gears 2

Played a master game on horde last night…del with 350+ kills…jd 540+ kills…kait 350+ kills (del had over 20 sentries )…i played cog gear n made 38 kills total…jack had bout 20 (smelting so not his job to kill)…the game reminded me off how boring and uninspiring it is…devoid of any skill, tactics ect…spent a lot of time sat looking at my phone doing an occasional team revive…if we could just have a classic mode…take the silly damage/bleed cards off…decent players would possibly give it a go…as it is…horde feels like having your teeth pulled…with no anaesthetic :roll_eyes:


I tend to watch a DVD or stream when I play these passive roles in Horde. Nice to be able to catch up on some of these things to be honest! :grinning:


Get your torque out rookie

Nice one pepper…i do have some box sets to catch up on🤣

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I can’t. JACK keeps smelting them. :frowning:

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Fair play…hes a busy chap🤣

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Honestly even gears 2 is easy on horde with the right meta, it’s not like any gears of war game took much skill minus some of the multiplayer useful only tricks (backpacking comes to mind)

Proper strats make all of the Horde modes very easy from an execution standpoint. I will say that high level strats are much more restrictive in 5 than any other Gears though. There were so many viable ways to play efficiently in 4 compared to 5. It really is mind boggling how much of a step back it is.

With that being said, if you want the game to be hard, solo 1-50 on insane or harder. It’s doable in every Gears game. Have fun.



Man, this why I miss Horde 2.0. No classes/heroes, set fortification spawns, and your only eZ mode weapon was a very pricey Silverback…, which some people would use to take on a Berserker lol. Good times

But yeah, Gears 5 Horde on Insane and above is a snooze fest. Every character aside from JD, Del, and Jack are completely unnecessary and you have but one strategy to finish the whole run. Forge, smelt, lockers, sentries and GL spam, and just keep your head down. The only difficult part about it is surviving until wave 20, while you’re still setting up your base.

This is why I play on Elite most of the time. It’s not too hard or easy and you can have variety of characters of as most can be viable throughout the whole run. You don’t have to follow this super strict way of playing. Here’s hoping they do some serious rebalance of Horde 4.0.


They definitely need to do a nerf pass on JD. A lvl 4 locker with some Lancer GLs on it, and you can basically just steamroll Horde by yourself for the most part. A played a round the other day as JD, and I just took cover in one place for 30 waves, occasionally running to the locker to grab another Lancer GL, and finished way ahead of everyone else most waves.

When it was time for a boss wave, tag it and drop a mortar on it’s head, then back to GL spam.

It’s the bleed card that really pushes him into ultra-OP territory.

When my JD was under Level 12 and didn’t have Razor Hail bleed card yet, I noticed the enemy AI regenerated their HP too fast by the time I change GL from Locker. The bleed was needed. Although they could make it like 25% or 50% chance to bleed.

There are some very hard enemies where a JD seems needed. Matriarch, Guardian, Sentinel and Bastion when unexposed. Otherwise, my maxed out Kait could take on anything easily.

Or hitting perfect active reload could trigger bleed. But that seems like a big nerf.

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Mandatory heroes for master horde run : atleast 1 JD w/ razor hail, Del w/ stim & Jack w/ optimizer. The rest of the characters are fillers & pretty friggin useless and if you dont have bleed skill cards have fun trying to kill anything without a Trishot after wave 30


Don’t you think, or at least I hope, that the role of JD will eventually get toned down when new characters emerge. We will probably have to wait about a year though before enough characters are released to make it versatile enough.

With weapons nerfed beyond useless…torque definitley and even 60% damage lancer does nothing…the jd/kait set up is same as 4…only it was sentries…you shouldn’t have to stand there with a tri shot/salvo …as your only means of getting a kill…if nothing else stick the bleed card on the other characters…its boring and repetitive as it is.

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They are already doing a balance pass to buff Fahz, so I’d say a pass to tone down JD is probably coming sooner than later.

Regarding versatility, I’m just hoping most of the new COG characters we get in Operation 2 are all new characters, and not just Batista-like conversions for existing ones.

Baird will be his own character, but I could definitely see Lizzie being a conversion for the COG Soldier or something. I hope not.

The bosses on 3 are a brilliant mix…fun game whatever the difficulty :sunglasses:

I am assuming that the 2 characters that are coming now and all the future ones (Cole, Carmines, Oscar, Dom etc.) will all be their own characters with their own skills and abilities but who knows, I have been wrong before.

Eventually when there is about 15-20 characters to choose from the possibility that we will get the same old composition of characters as a team will decrease and make the game more versatile.Already there is a couple of characters that almost never is chosen since their abilities just aint enough compared to what could be considered “The big 4”. As said before, this is just what I am hoping for.

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Yep i like to play cog gear…im a lancer/torque player…elite is about right fir enjoying that class more😁

All three of the “promotional” characters need to be buffed and fleshed out for Horde. I think Cleven actually agreed in his feedback thread, so hopefully that means they are working on it.