Master Horde is boring with Marcus in the squad

Keep preaching brother!


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Yeah but when everyone other than the new meta received a buff, wouldn’t Master just become too easy?

Marcus is also boring as hell to play now with his strongest build. Rifle feedback is just broken, it needs a cap to prevent the ulti from becoming infinite. A high level marcus with the right cards (Custom Lancer, Rifle Feedback, Headshot Master, Flank Em’, Dug In) basically plays the game for you. Park yourself on a piece of cover with good map coverage and hold down the right trigger and rack up the MVP’s. No need to aim, no need to move outside of grabbing a new retro from a locker.

It’s like playing with cheat codes on, amusing at first but it gets old VERY fast, I am sure even faster for the rest of the team. At least JD required a small amount of mechanical skill and some situational awareness. Marcus is just snoozefest auto-aim, auto-pilot, check out and let the game play itself.


TC will probably patch rifle feedback eventually so the ult is no longer infinite. If I had to guess. Remember when Baird’s fences caused bleeding dmg and shock turrets triggered precision repair? You literally could sit in the base, let the fences kill things and the turrets would repair everything. The only thing Baird had to do was refill the sentries.

I agree… I played a few games on maps where Marcus had to move around to get at the enemies (by necessity, not choice), and those games were much less fun. If I can’t take advantage of the marcus ultimate, then a powerful marcus is no different then a powerful JD. Fine for the game, but doesn’t help make others better characters.

I think this is TC’s fault, though… The nerfed rifle feedback (far higher than justified by their ‘explanation’ of not needing reloads), and made marcus more powerful, but requiring him to be constantly hitting things to keep going… So they shifted Marcus away from a player who stays in cover to help his team to a roaming wolf who has to keep getting hits, to keep going… reduce the damage, by, say, 15%, increase rifle feedback by, say, 25%… that might help to bring the balance back to a team effort…

I cant wait for them to kill marcus out of horde then.

Loads of maps do not have a clear line of sight, so marcus can be flanked. Throw a kestrel or swarmark at him and he’s done, not to mention the matriach.

He’s not as OP as JD was, and by the time you have everyones cards maxed, playing anything under insane is pointless like playing the campaign on beginner. People can choose to do that but its not a challenge.