Master Horde is boring with Marcus in the squad

No, it’s not. Taps exist and cap out around 135%+ Team Health + his stim-card regenerates stim every second. Unless you stand in the middle of the enemy-spawn you won’t go down outside of cover.

Sit at one of the spawns and have Marcus shoot at the other spawn. 2ez.

Believe it or not, Marcus needs to constantly deal damage to keep his ult running. When you have Fahz sitting next to you killing half the wave he’ll run out sooner than later.

I know that but it feels greedy that most Marcus players I see don’t get in cover so the team gets his ult. I don’t care how much dmg Marcus alone can do with his ult. It’s more value if the team is getting effected by it than him alone. His ult mixed with Paduk’s consecutive head shot and intimidation is pretty damn powerful.

I heard Jesus is more powerful

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The Marcus I played with earlier was selfish as hell, man triggered his ultimate. (I was Fahz) I ran towards him to pop my ultimate with him in cover.

He then runs away from me after being camped at the main spot on the right side. To go hide in the topside on forge. Then after the wave he comes running down

Man really needed to feed that EGO. Did that every time we had corresponding ultimates.

I see a real pattern in people that if you aren’t the one doing the majority of the killing, then something needs nerfed.

Horde is a team game isn’t it?


Gears is a team game, this is the problem, too many people wanna solo flex everything then moan when they get stomped on by teams or can’t out perform the world.


I like your gamer tag.


JD Nerf was needed, you could argue that Horde is healthy as it’s ever been.

And yeah that’s EGO for you.

Don’t know ya kid.

Wasn’t talking to ya.

Why thank you sir.

For what it’s worth I liked ranked when TDM was there, bad times.

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Agreed. Now the JD mains have moved to Marcus or Keegan.
As for Horde as a whole I think it’s better. We got more characters doing things besides spamming tri shots.
Fahz is actually sniping
Paduk is constantly spreading fear via retro charge or headshot.
Clayton uses many heavy weapons and gets kills with his shield
Lizzie is still getting use out of the silverback and now the dropshot is useful on her
Marcus’s ult is actually powerful. Before operation 4 Marcus was someone you would only take if you had a Kait and a JD.


What JD nerf?

His bleed is a lot lower than it was and launcher capacity was lowered. Also I don’t think it works with the grenades in a lancer GL anymore.

Capacity has changed.

Works with GL but not frags. Try the salvo.

No you weren’t talking to me, I was just responding to your comment.

The problem about this

Is that the JD nerf crowd was upset that JD was the only one doing ALL the killing. Leaving one sided matches when Horde is a Team Game like many have said, One character shouldn’t be above the rest on the margin like JD was.

So JD was nerfed, and that was healthy for the game.


Actually that pissed me off because now I can’t rely on one person doing 1-50 master whilst I go to sleep

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If you thought only JD was the damage dealer, you didn’t fully understand the game.

I don’t like nerfs.


Instead of Nerfs, id rather everyone else get a buff.


Same. If more people could cause the dmg JD did then he wouldn’t have been the most requested character in Master lobbies. Across the various games I played over my life I noticed one occurring trend. If you nerf something because it’s so powerful that everyone is using it. That doesn’t balance a game. Instead they will go onto the next best thing in line. Then when word gets around everyone will be using the next best thing until that gets nerfed. Rinse Repeat.


I’m buff in real life. Be like me. Buff 24/7