Master Horde is boring with Marcus in the squad

Marcus is the one who should be last standing at the highest waves, he is on par with JD.

Marcus sacrifices his perks and ultimate until the end so he could be more operational, and without Marcus I feel the game could last long.

He is the most appropriate defense against guardians and sentinels.

I played Marcus lately and put him under a trial, and the most appropriate playstyle for him was waiting until the late waves so the rest of the team could rest and feel safe after the long play. I only used my ultimate couple of times in mini-boss and boss waves until my turn has come to set thing straight.

Leave Marcus alone because he is on the right place, he is the legend above them all! pfff

I think balance is the issue, and solo isn’t as fun, I play several characters, and it’s never about me, see when I mention other players in that game? I can only assume they were not having a lot of fun. Played with max cards, so was not in it for it.

So it’s the same issue as with JD pre op4

So the Father shows the Son how it’s done.



Oh oh oh this just occured to me. I am surprised I didn’t see it earlier on. I don’t know how I missed it. I can’t believe how obvious it was. Are you ready for this? Its like mind blowing!


Marcus is powerful enough to hold his own without it and you can replace it with another card. It like seriously problem solved right there. Like that is actually the card that extends his ultimate and without it you only get your ultimate for like 20 seconds or so. Now after this realization if anyone has a problem with marcus then its purely about you and not the character. If people wanna use this card then let them and if you don’t wanna extend your ultimate then remove the card.

Problem solved. You are welcome.

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uhm, well, it really depends on your definition of “rare” and “throughout”…

While it is true that no other character can have their ultimate run non-stop, it is absolutely not true that ultimates are now expected to be “rare”…

That might have been the intention at launch, but I think TC realized their character balances were not what people wanted, and now it seems that for most part they are making the ultimates a regular part of the game, as a replacement for making the base characters stronger. I’m fine with that.

For example:

  1. Clayton: 5 ultimates virtually non-stop in a row, in a fight:
  1. Lizzy: 3 Silverbacks in a single wave (i was experimenting solo with something else):
  1. Keegan: two ultimates in wave, spamming Boomshots as fast as I can shoot them…

The huge difference between those and Marcus is that Marcus’es ultimate running is a great way to buff OTHER character’s offensive ability (Mac and Cog comes to immediate mind; Fahz is great on his own, over the top with Marcus)… so I fully support giving Marcus the ability to keep his ultimate going across waves, for that reason.

Now, HAVING SAID THAT. IF it is decided that the current setup is “too much”, what I would hope they do is two things TOGETHER: reduce damage per shot (maybe remove the headshot multiplier card) AND (AND AND AND AND ) increase rifle feedback accordingly!! So Marcus can still keep his ultimate going, allowing OTHER characters the use of it, BUT reducing the damage HE does himself… I don’t want to see anyone nerfed, but such a change would not piss me off all that much.

Nerfing Marcus by removing living legend’s ability to stay on for long periods of time would be an indirect step back/nerf for several other characters, who thrive next to Marcus. Both COG and Mac are now great Horde characters, in terms of offensive power, when combined with Marcus. On their own, not nearly as much…

@TC_MichaelAOS, I hope you guys don’t react impulsively to Marcus complaints. I have to admit, after having some time to play around with it, I think you guys made Horde MUCH BETTER in OP4, some minor complaints nonwithstanding. Marcus’es ultimate is a great team work encouraging mechanic, which makes the team stronger than the sum of its individual parts. Even if it makes the combination slightly more powerful than expected, I think it’s a great tradeoff . Complains from JD players shouldn’t drive the balance of other characters…
P.s. Keep the Heros!


What was the setup to get clay to play like that?

I have not played as him with the new cards yet.

I’m starting to dislike seeing Marcus in a master’s lobby. I love how he got buffed because before operation 4 you rarely saw him at masters. However most Marcus I see are greedy. They pop their ult while standing up and take all the kills. Very few actually stay in cover so we can make use of it. What I hate is when I’m playing Paduk and a Marcus wants my retro. Paduk doesn’t spawn with a retro, he has to buy one. Marcus can do the same thing.

Wait a sec, someone is complaining about Marcus ultimate lasting to long, lol. I would rather have his ultimate last a long time, instead of constant screen shaking + explosives all day long. One shakes everything while the other doesn’t; seems simple to me.


Jesus, now it’s Marcus that people are calling for a nerf? This needs to stop. Straight up. Just a couple months ago, he was a middling character that had to be played a certain way to be viable and nobody wanted him on their team, now he’s an unstoppable beast and nobody wants him on their team. What a joke. Some of you guys are not gonna be happy until Gears 5 Horde just becomes boring ■■■ Gears 2 Horde with nothing but Lancers.


Aye that the one thing I hated about Marcus players. Marcus became one of my favorite characters during OP 2 and the extension of his ult was awesome and fairly simple to pull off (with out the claw trade) as well as a great addition in masters as far as I am concerned. OP3 comes along and news of the traded claw got out and everyone wanted in, which I didn’t mind, but wanted to kill everything for themselves. Took cover with a few Marcus’ to use their ult and pop off they went to use other cover refusing to share the wealth.

I tend to go for the everyone get the hell in on this appraoch when using Marcus. Part of me is glad they fixed the claw but Marcus was fine without it and certainly didn’t really need some of the buffs he got in my opinion.

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I said more rare, not rare, differences :roll_eyes:

Your take that because he’s great with other characters (a combo character basically) is cool and all, but the truth is that he’s always been that way, I won’t disagree with your logic though, I just think any character than can solo Master run is a bit too much for the JD/Keegan fanboys to handle :smirk:

Also, weren’t you whining nonstop about the changes in OP4?

In all honesty i thought the reason i could bring back his ult so quickly waa the combination of mulcher damage, capacity, and the heavy charger (i think) card…

@Hu1k_Daddy and were having this discussion in another thread too.

Now i dont think so… I think i was able to see it recharged mostly because i was reflecting Swarmak’s fire back onto it, with bleed, and thus i waa doing an INSANE amount of damage… And all ultimates recharge faster as you deal damage… So the ability to get several ultimates like that, i think it is very limited in its application. When you deflect high damage fire back. And not so much with mulcher and heavy charger… I mean, those arent bad, but … I did a master run on reactor as clay, and i was switching back and forth betweek mulcher and trishot… I found the trishot was killing them faster AND wasnt leaving them clawling… Even with the mulcher damage card (level 4 only).

So i am going back to explosive stun, cryo freeze, heavy capacity, reflective shreader, and the projectile reflect for now.

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And yet I can’t even find people to play horde with as I liked todo the wave 1-50 on master sesh

I made the thread for a reason :grin:

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Had to edit I like the 1-50 master sesh tbh

I do Master runs all the time :slight_smile:

I’ve played with quite a few people from on here and most of them are highly skilled and can do Master runs no problem, just gotta very gently add some folks :ok_hand:

my GT is Thee Bluejay only map I haven’t Mastered is Dam

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I haven’t done a master run in 2 ops as can’t find people, I don’t wanna do a run and lose 23 waves in

Thats a surprisingly bad track record… I jump into custom master horde runs on a regular basis, sometimes we fail, but mostly it works fine. High level characters, good combo of characters (lahni plus emile plus kat plus cog plus cole is unlikely to do a full run), usually works .and if people are using mics even better…

Yeah, custom lobbies all the way. No horde matchmaking…

I think its been a long time coming. Marcus has bern under used and under appreciated. Lets not complain about TC making him a badass. Something is always gonna be the meta. Lets just enjoy it. If you dont like it plays custom and just say “No Marcus”…pretty simple…

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Wish I could find players to play master horde :sob: