Master Horde is boring with Marcus in the squad

Marcus was actually nerfed in OP 4.

This is what the nerfing crowd will never understand. There will never be balance in a hero type game mode. Never.

Trying to balance a mode like that is an effort in futility. What most of the nerf crowd wants is simply for their chosen main to be the most powerful. Since this differs among players, we get this rotation of nerfs and buffs that were never needed in the first place.

Maybe the rotation provides enough “differences” in gameplay to keep the meta changing. That’s best case scenario.

Nerf crowd remember…the others will come for your character soon.


Yeah I saw that, went 3 frenzies in a row with that squad just for xp. Felt great and awful at the same time.

I hope the promotional characters get a bit more of a balance in the future. I know some people would claim P2W and all that rubbish, but there really isn’t much reason to use the other characters outside of, “I want to try something different”.

I like it, the star of the franchise is back on his throne.


“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out because I’m not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out because I’m not a trade unionist. Then they came for JD, and I did not speak out because I did not play as JD. And then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me.”


Love it!

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Depends if TC makes the Halo/Sarah Conner stuff available for everyone. I don’t know that they will. And I don’t think that the pre-order characters are necessarily broken, just not all as useful (see below comments).

Eh, slightly disagree but I mostly play Escape. Emile can be super powerful in most Hives since he doesn’t require Venom for his melee to bleed, but he’s trash in Horde. Kat is a bottom tier engineer and pretty much trash in Escape as well. Sarah Connor was actually useful in a few Hives before her grenades were nerfed. Her Heavy Weapons perks and Grenade damage card were ridiculously powerful (it buffed both damage and radius), but she’s still a mid level character with no bleed. I’ve not seen much use in Grace (don’t have her), but even my friends who do think the other melee characters are better. So I guess maybe with the exception of Emile, you’re right about the others.

Hahahah, Make your own lobby and boot any Marcus. Seriously, dude.

Marcus’s ultimate is of great help to the whole team. Mac, next to Marcus, is a really good/strong character now. Fahz has always been. Paduk gets stim from Marcus. Etc, etc…

We now that a Gears Horde game, where Marcus is the strongest character. Thats pretty fitting within the lore, etc…

I play with a good Maecus player all the time, we mastered several maps on frenzy last night. It is never boring. I played mac, keegan, cog gear, and kait (on checkout). Never had nothing to do…

So what you are saying is that with marcus doing a lot of the long range killing, there isnt much chanxe for JD to do much long range killing… Play as a different character. Or jump into cover never to marcus and enjoy free boom headshots…

JD spamming the GL helped NOONE on the team. Marcus’es ultimate helps anyone in cover with him…

Learn and adapt, dude. Dont cry to us for nerfs…

I am ok with fixing clearly unintentional bugs, like barrier bleeds… Until they do, i will use them. If the game wasnt such a stupid grind , i would feel guilty doind that. But i dont, lol. For that reason.


How does that work? I ran the hammer card and it didn’t work for me.

Lizzie has to purchase the barriers and have the dropshot in her hands.


What’s the best card combination for Marcus ?

Nope. Short range killing didn’t exist, He was wiping all mobs on stairs and in spawn from the top of the other stairs. AND BLIND FIRING, not even moving or popping over cover, that’s just absurd! Other folks combined had 1/10 of his damage, including eng and his sentries. There was no challenge in that game, none. Only fun Kait had was when dudes took the left route through the buildings. Even with JD pre op4 you had to get line of sight to spam and get downed in that brief moment. With Marcus and his def buffs the guy wasn’t doing anything besides blind firing. No challenge, no threat, nothing. He died once when some claw dude spawned in the left corridor and shot him in the back. That’s it. And ultimate lasting forever? Come on, that’s totally not its purpose.

Like I said, from now on when I see this “tactic”, I’m quitting instantly, so yeah, all I can do is avoid it, that shouldn’t be the case.

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True, but Emile doesn’t have the survivability of a Cole or Lahni. That’s what let’s him down. He does have a free “hit” so to speak with his stim, but there are better melee options. Even on a hive like The Warren, which you would expect to be one of his better hives, he does really struggle. He helps a Lahni out though.

He was good in Op1, before the venom blade combo and even before Op3 came out with Cole. But now I think there are better options.

I’m not saying Emile needs a complete rework, but if they gave all the promotional characters a few cards that makes them more viable, it would make the game more enjoyable for more people. Again, I’m not asking for the meta to be completely changed, just a few little changes to make them part of the conversation.

Marcus can’t shoot all enemies simultaneously

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Yeah but that time he was doing it so quickly and effortlessly that only a few got to the bottom of “our” stairs.

Lol, when i play Marcus i never (NEVER) blindfire, i want to have better control over which enemy i am engaging, to switch weapons as i need (retro for drones which go dbno and claw for everything else).

Dont kid yourself, the blindfire aspect of it is largely irrelevant, Marcus can do the same thing aiming over cover, no problem.

I respect you not wanting to play in a game like that, i have friends who love to spam level 1 lizzy barriers all over the map (for freeze and stim, before stun) i found that hugely boring, and dont play it.

But i dont come in here, crying to remove Lizzy’s freeze from the barriers, so they couldnt play that way in their games, right?

Create your own “no marcus” lobby, like we used to have “no JD needed” lobbies, and enjoy the game how YOU want to enjoy it.

And leave the rest of us THE F alone to enjoy it how WE want to enjoy it, without telling us YOUR way is the only way which should be even allowed. Cool?


This post makes no since.

Just play solo if your all about it being you. Kills do not effect card drops.

So what’s the issue. Really?

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Why does anyone ever even need to be nerfed? Unless it’s like a bug. If you want to beat horde a certain way custom lobbies let you do that, just say No Marcus in the lobby title and kick any that show up

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Hey, chill dude, this is a forum, you know, for stating opinions and discussions? And stop putting words in my mouth. You wanna play godmode on the hardest difficulty, good for you. All I can do is try to avoid it.

The map, base, and spawns play a part in how long you can keep his ult up, on checkout i was spamming entire waves, on bunker the enemy’s where spawning behind too much cover For me to keep it going.

He is more fun to play than before but i don’t think he’s OP, its just that the gap between JD and everyone else has been lowered.