Master Horde is boring with Marcus in the squad

Jesus, now it’s Marcus that people are calling for a nerf? This needs to stop. Straight up. Just a couple months ago, he was a middling character that had to be played a certain way to be viable and nobody wanted him on their team, now he’s an unstoppable beast and nobody wants him on their team. What a joke. Some of you guys are not gonna be happy until Gears 5 Horde just becomes boring ■■■ Gears 2 Horde with nothing but Lancers.


Aye that the one thing I hated about Marcus players. Marcus became one of my favorite characters during OP 2 and the extension of his ult was awesome and fairly simple to pull off (with out the claw trade) as well as a great addition in masters as far as I am concerned. OP3 comes along and news of the traded claw got out and everyone wanted in, which I didn’t mind, but wanted to kill everything for themselves. Took cover with a few Marcus’ to use their ult and pop off they went to use other cover refusing to share the wealth.

I tend to go for the everyone get the hell in on this appraoch when using Marcus. Part of me is glad they fixed the claw but Marcus was fine without it and certainly didn’t really need some of the buffs he got in my opinion.

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I said more rare, not rare, differences :roll_eyes:

Your take that because he’s great with other characters (a combo character basically) is cool and all, but the truth is that he’s always been that way, I won’t disagree with your logic though, I just think any character than can solo Master run is a bit too much for the JD/Keegan fanboys to handle :smirk:

Also, weren’t you whining nonstop about the changes in OP4?

In all honesty i thought the reason i could bring back his ult so quickly waa the combination of mulcher damage, capacity, and the heavy charger (i think) card…

@Hu1k_Daddy and were having this discussion in another thread too.

Now i dont think so… I think i was able to see it recharged mostly because i was reflecting Swarmak’s fire back onto it, with bleed, and thus i waa doing an INSANE amount of damage… And all ultimates recharge faster as you deal damage… So the ability to get several ultimates like that, i think it is very limited in its application. When you deflect high damage fire back. And not so much with mulcher and heavy charger… I mean, those arent bad, but … I did a master run on reactor as clay, and i was switching back and forth betweek mulcher and trishot… I found the trishot was killing them faster AND wasnt leaving them clawling… Even with the mulcher damage card (level 4 only).

So i am going back to explosive stun, cryo freeze, heavy capacity, reflective shreader, and the projectile reflect for now.

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And yet I can’t even find people to play horde with as I liked todo the wave 1-50 on master sesh

I made the thread for a reason :grin:

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Had to edit I like the 1-50 master sesh tbh

I do Master runs all the time :slight_smile:

I’ve played with quite a few people from on here and most of them are highly skilled and can do Master runs no problem, just gotta very gently add some folks :ok_hand:

my GT is Thee Bluejay only map I haven’t Mastered is Dam

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I haven’t done a master run in 2 ops as can’t find people, I don’t wanna do a run and lose 23 waves in

Thats a surprisingly bad track record… I jump into custom master horde runs on a regular basis, sometimes we fail, but mostly it works fine. High level characters, good combo of characters (lahni plus emile plus kat plus cog plus cole is unlikely to do a full run), usually works .and if people are using mics even better…

Yeah, custom lobbies all the way. No horde matchmaking…

I think its been a long time coming. Marcus has bern under used and under appreciated. Lets not complain about TC making him a badass. Something is always gonna be the meta. Lets just enjoy it. If you dont like it plays custom and just say “No Marcus”…pretty simple…

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Wish I could find players to play master horde :sob:

No, it’s not. Taps exist and cap out around 135%+ Team Health + his stim-card regenerates stim every second. Unless you stand in the middle of the enemy-spawn you won’t go down outside of cover.

Sit at one of the spawns and have Marcus shoot at the other spawn. 2ez.

Believe it or not, Marcus needs to constantly deal damage to keep his ult running. When you have Fahz sitting next to you killing half the wave he’ll run out sooner than later.

I know that but it feels greedy that most Marcus players I see don’t get in cover so the team gets his ult. I don’t care how much dmg Marcus alone can do with his ult. It’s more value if the team is getting effected by it than him alone. His ult mixed with Paduk’s consecutive head shot and intimidation is pretty damn powerful.

I heard Jesus is more powerful

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The Marcus I played with earlier was selfish as hell, man triggered his ultimate. (I was Fahz) I ran towards him to pop my ultimate with him in cover.

He then runs away from me after being camped at the main spot on the right side. To go hide in the topside on forge. Then after the wave he comes running down

Man really needed to feed that EGO. Did that every time we had corresponding ultimates.

I see a real pattern in people that if you aren’t the one doing the majority of the killing, then something needs nerfed.

Horde is a team game isn’t it?


Gears is a team game, this is the problem, too many people wanna solo flex everything then moan when they get stomped on by teams or can’t out perform the world.


I like your gamer tag.


JD Nerf was needed, you could argue that Horde is healthy as it’s ever been.

And yeah that’s EGO for you.