Master Horde is boring with Marcus in the squad

So I did a couple of 1-50 runs recently, and when Marcus was on the team all others could be afk and the result would be the same, On Blood drive, with JD I rushed booms blindly to get maybe 2-5 kills per wave, cause he was blind firing and killing everything instantly. Kait could only get some when mobs went in the building. IMO the infinite Marcus Ult is a broken mechanic and it has a more negative effect than JDs spam before op4. Next time I see a 18Marcus, I’m out.

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Called it lol I said this would happen lol.

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Hold on a second… a JD spammer is complaining about Marcus because they’re not getting any kills and have nothing to do?

I feel like I’ve just travelled through the rabbit hole!


Nah,I was never a spammer, preferred booms over GLs or tried to effective, never had more than 2. but I know it was a problem, played with such gl happy jays. The update was great for JD cause it began to be more challenging and fair, but now Marcus is spoiling even more, it looks like he melts everyone in a second, from 60 meters with a retro…come on…Fahz has ult regeneration on damage but it’s very well balanced and requires some effort to output criticals, when Marcuses just melts.

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Here come the nerf police lol.

Op you could just host your own games without Marcus or play as marcus as play him as you want to.


Well, I think not applying ult when blind firing should be enough, that bit is the most game breaking.

Like I said in another topic.
You can do a master solo run for maximum “fun”

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I also love using Marcus ultimate… while I am not with Marcus. :crazy_face:

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I like the change up in meta. I have no problem with someone getting more kills than me, I just want to win a team game.


Yeah it’s satysfying as hell, but not blind firing! Also, not all 50 waves, ult should remain something “special” and right now it’s just regular Marcus mode.

If you think Marcus is broken, just wait till you get a Fahz with Critical Parade next to Marcus.


Its a beautiful thing when you have longshot handling as well. Can get boring pretty wuick though.


It would be pretty good for 30+ Ribbons XP, I would imagine.

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I did the same on a Master run on Exhibit :grin:

Marcus is stupid strong, not only does he do constant and enormous amounts of damage (never has to reload, all critical hits, actives, cards, etc.) but he can also tank really well due to some of his other cards, I think they just need to make his Ult a more rare occurrence instead of something he just keeps on throughout the entire match (no other Ultimate in the game can do this I might add)

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I’ve had plenty of fun as a JD with a Marcus in the squad. Before and after the Op4 update.

Just wait until you see the Grace barriers, oh boy.

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that’s an exploit right? so won’t it be fixed in the coming weeks?

Lizzie stun barriers is absurd lol.

I did it on Lift and after I maxed out Fahz ult perk it was pretty much 30 seconds or less for each wave. Pretty much a speedrun technique at this stage. I must do it again and see how long it takes to complete 50 waves.

Well, the Baird bleeding barriers were eventually patched out after a couple of months, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they do the same here.

Grace has always been able to do this, but the fabricator freedom has allowed this strat to be easier to do. She was able to get bleed on Dropshots if you fired it and then swapped to the Mace. It also helps that its a common tier card, so its easy to grind for, and easy to create as well.

I kinda want them to keep it though, it provides a use for Grace in the meta. Otherwise Grace becomes near enough useless.

I’ve heard tales of the mythical Grace character, though I’ve never seen one with my own eyes before. She’s truly an endangered species that must be preserved for future generations to come.

I suspect TC (once they seperate class from characters) will completely redo all the Terminator/Halo classes, the reason being that they probably see them as fundamentally broken (design wise) so they’re considering ways to rework them into something more useful. I haven’t even bothered touching Grace for one because she looks like a crack addicted Justin Bieber, and for two I know she’s awful.


Well, right now you can do that while napping if you get Marcus in.